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LAST UPDATED ON August 3rd 2001

5/12/2001: I'm thinking about taking this site down - I made it as a project for a computer science class that I took in college and decided to try to keep it up for a while because people seemed to like it. But now I'm graduated, married and I have a kid so obviously I don't have to time to deal with all the immature emails I am sent and other random things like that. And actually I don't even like Nsync anymore - I guess things like that become a lot less important once you have a family and a job (I now work as a governmental analyst for the State of California). Now I know that most people who like this site are fine and they just like the site because they like Lance or whatever, but now that I have grown up and am on my own and trying to support my family I don't have time to deal with the few immature ones who have no life and for some reason feel the need to send me insulting emails and such. Personally I think its pathetic and I just don't have to deal with it. Sorry for the tirade since it doesn't apply to most of you, but this whole thing has gotten so stupid and ridiculous and I'm just tired of dealing with those pathetic little immature kids who have nothing better to do then to send me insulting emails or post crude entries to the guestbook that I then have to go and monitor. If you have any comments about this email me or if you have any reason why I should keep this site up let me know. Thanks.

8/7/2001: Starting tonight I'm going on vacation until the 17th. I'm flying out to meet some friends in California then we're driving back across the country to get back to PA. So they're won't be any updates until then (unless I get really bored and decide to use the laptop) but I promise to make up for it when I get back! And the contest has been extended until the 30th.

8/3/2001: Lance's movie On the Line will be released in theatres October 19th 2001! Go to the website for more info. I'll be having a page with stills and pictures and info for the movie, but that probably won't be up until tonight.

7/31/2001: I've added a new poll on the Appearances page, so check it out! I'm going out of town for the next two days, but when I get back I'm putting up all the great new pictures of got, so look for that on Thursday. And remember to enter the contest, sign the guestbook and leave comments to other Lance fans on the message board!

7/24/2001: Celebrity is here! Have you got your copy yet? I'm listening to mine right now, and its awesome. And the pictures inside the cd jacket are great! If you missed the episode of The View today, make sure you catch it on reruns because you'll get to see Lance get down on one knee and propose - don't worry, though - its not for real, but it was cute!

7/13/2001: Want to win Nsync stuff? CLICK HERE to enter to win a great fan pack with posters, videos, cds, books and more sponsered by N'Love with Lance Bass! Contest ends August 15th so enter now for your chance to win!

7/07/2001: News and appearances have been updated, so check them out. The news section has a track by track review of Celebrity. Since you guys have been really great with this site and given me lots of encouragement I'm going to be putting up a form to enter the contest by the end of the week. I'll be giving away a prize pack including posters, books, and cds with the import stuff that everyone might not have. So look for the form and enter and remember that if you sign the questbook your name is entered a second time!

7/06/2001: Sorry for the lack of updates recently. But I'll have a lot more time to update the site from now on. Also, a lot of you have added comments to the poll so I've added a message board so that you can leave your comments there so more people can see it and respond - and everything will be much more organized. Click the icon below or go to the news page to leave a message:

6/22/2001: I added some great new Lance pictures (check the navigation bar) and there's still more to come! I'll be added even more pictures, interviews, new and appearences in the next few days!

6/14/2001: They're finally here! You can see my PopOdessey Concert Pictures - we were very fortunate to have absolutely amazing seats and I want to thank everyone who made that possible - it was a night I'll never forget! To see the pictures go to the link on the lefthand navigation bar or CLICK HERE

6/05/2001:You can download clips from the new album Celebrity in the News section! You gotta hear these!

5/29/2001:CONCERT REPORT!!!!: Lemme just tell you guys the concert was absolutely AMAZING!!! It was biggest production imaginable...I couldn't believe my eyes. They played several bits of the new album and it sounds great! My favorites were Gone (which is a pretty ballad-type piece) and Celebrity. During Its Gonna Be Me they came out on little bicycles at one point and bounced around on these huge bouncy-balls at another. They rode humungous mechanical bulls during Space Cowboy and jumped onto velcro walls during Hit the Wall. They had little videos throughout the concert with them just acting dorky - but that's what made it so cute! Lance was in one as a cowboy searching for the "land of pop." Since I was lucky enough to get really good seats in the front I got some great pictures which I'll be putting up on the site shortly - I can't believe how good they turned out! Let me end by saying that the concert was the best most inspiring energizing and just full out amazing thing I've even seen - you guys gotta go see it!!! Oh yeah, and they show the trailer for Lance's movie On The Line - which looks so sweet! And I managed to get several of the promotional posters for the movie so I'm gonna give them away when we have contests. Okay, if I've left anything you were wondering about out (which I probably did, because if I wrote down everything about the concert I'd ramble on forever) just email me and ask and I'll be more than happy to respond and add stuff! Here's the set list:
1. Dirty Pop
2. Tearin up my Heart/I want you Back Mix
3. God Must Have Spent....
4. The Two of Us
5. Space Cowboy
6. This I Promise You
7. Gone
8. Its Gonna Be Me
9. Look Into my Eyes
10. We Don't Care at All (or Invincible or something)
11. Celebrity
12. See Right Through You
13. Fallen
14. Selfish
15. No Strings Attached
16. The Game is Over
17. Bye Bye Bye

5/23/01:If you guys can get this site up to 2000 hits before July 28th (my birthday) than we're gonna have some contests. I'll be giving away nsync cds, posters, videos, or maybe huge fan pack things. I know its a big goal, but I think we can do it! If the site reaches 2000 before that date then I'll put an entry form up on the site and also whoever signs the guestbook double their entries. So let people know about the site so we can start some great contests! Here's a few ways to do that:

Send an email to your friends telling them about the site!

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Other Announcements: Hopefully you guys have all heard Pop by now - isn't it awesome! I've been playing it non-stop. Less than a week till I go to the concert - I'm so excited!!! As soon as I get back I'll post an entry as to what it was like - setlist, what the new album is gonna be like, just general concert info - so be sure to check back!

4/16/01: Welcome to my new Lance Bass website! Here you'll find lots of pictures, news, appearences, quotes, interviews and more! I'm new at this whole web design thing, so if you notice any mistakes or have any comments or tips for me send me an email at

Announcements! Nsync will preview their new single Pop on TRL Friday!!!! Single will start on the radio May 15th!!!!!Making the Video of Pop will be on MTV last week of May!

days 'til the release of Celebrity

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