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Jessica's Backstreet Fan Fiction

*12/01/03* So I really haven't updated in a while, but let me tell you my sob story. So I got that worm that everyone was getting a few months ago. Well, it blew up my hard drive so everything I had was lost!!!! I mean I had like 5 or so stories that I was working on that hadn't even posted yet. I was so frusterated that I gave up for a while working on them. But now I have my computer runnign all properly, no thanks to that damn worm that I got AGAIN once I started the computer back up (I spent like five hours at best buy getting it fixed, TWICE!). So hopefully I will be getting things back on track soon, but don't expect anything for the next couple weeks, finals are next week. But I will have something coming soon. Peace out!!!

last updated 6-2-03

Also, all the e-mail adresses at the bottom of the pages are wrong. I no longer am using the JChenow942 account for e-mail but I am for AOL IM. If you want to e-mail me at

*ATENTION* I am looking for some stories to host. If you have any please go here.

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