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1. Get your can of soup.

2. Read the label to see what kind
of liquid it requires. It will either
be water or milk or half and half. 
Few soups call for only milk now. Even
cream soups. This is wrong. Most soups
that ask for half a can of milk need
a whole can of milk and no water. If
you're making a cream soup or tomato
soup use a full can of milk. For all
others use a can of water.

3. Get a large microwavable bowl. Maybe
a Tupperware one if you have it but 
any large microwavable bowl will do.

4. Shake your can of soup.

5. Open the can of soup.

6. Empty condensed soup into the bowl.
Get out the stuff that sticks inside the
can with a spoon.

7. Fill can halfway with whatever liquid
you are using. Shake it a bit to dislodge
any condensed soup bits that might be
still sticking inside.

8. Fill the can the rest of the way. Empty
it into the bowl and throw away the can.

9. Get a metal whisk. 

10. Beat soup vigorously, like scrambled
eggs. Don't worry about spilling soup.
Beating it is more important.

11. Put the soup in your microwave. 

12. Microwave for three minutes.

13. Remove from microwave and beat 
vigorously again.

14. Put a spoon in your back pocket and
carry your soup to the floor in front of 
your television.

15. Get comfortable. I suggest sitting cross

16. Find a good television program to watch
while eating your soup.

17. Enjoy.