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1. Don't even try to fall asleep if you've
slept within three hours, unless you slept
for only a little while and you feel like
sleeping now. Wait until you feel like you
could sleep.

2. Find a place where you can lie down. It
is best if this place is dark and doesn't
have many people in it. 

3. Lie down on your back. Don't cross your
legs at all. Rest your arms at your sides.
From this position you can switch to a 
position that's good for you. Most people
start off sleeping in the same position
everytime. If you know what your position
is, get into that position. If you don't
really know what your position is, try a
couple different ones until you get it 
right. When you hit the right position you
will know it.

4. Shut you eyes. Don't shut them really 
tight. Just kind of let them fall shut.

5. When you're relaxed enough you can start 
breathing through your mouth. Try to forget
about your nose. 

6. Don't think about anything now. Or think
about one thing, but not too much, and make
sure it's a simple thing to think about. Like
a glass cube.

7. You won't be aware of the moment when you
fall asleep. One second you will be awake and
the next second you will be waking up. Don't
panic. This is normal.

8. Waking up is best done slowly. It's kind
of similar to the falling asleep process
but it's all in reverse.

9. The corners and little holes in your eyes
will be caked with a crusty yellowish substance
this can be removed with your fingers. Gently
wipe it away. Be careful, it can be sharp and
your eyes are sensitive.

10. Open your eyes and let them adjust.

11. Get yourself to a sitting position.

12. Get your feet under you and stand up. Or,
if you have been sleeping in a bed, put your
feet on the floor and sit on the edge of the 
bed, then, stand up.