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1. You will need to get three things: a
frying pan, a piece of cloth, and a thing
to heat the pan.

2. The piece of cloth can be of any kind
of material. You could get a towel or an
old shirt or a sock.

3. The best thing to heat the pan would
be a stove. Any kind of stove, wood, gas, 
electric, would do. Or, if you don't have
a stove you could use an open fire or a
barbecue or anything else that could heat
a frying pan.

4. Heat the frying pan up with your heating
device. You'll want it as hot as possible.
Don't heat the handle. You need to hold
onto the handle. Don't put anything in the

5. Take the frying pan off of or out of the
heating device and hold it by the handle. 
Hold it up to your face like you would hold
a mirror. Make sure you don't hold it too
close. It's possible to burn yourself.

6. Hold the piece of cloth in the hand that's
not holding the frying pan like a mirror. Bunch
it up into a tight ball. Hold the ball of cloth
by the top of it.

7. Wipe the cloth around the frying pan as if 
you were cleaning it. Make sure to wipe it in
the area where you would place food that you
wanted to cook.

8. A smell like a clothes dryer will be produced.
If you want to smell the smell better, try smelling
the cloth that you used to wipe the frying pan