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1. Nosebleeds are minor, really. The main thing
is to remember that it will end. You will not
bleed to death.

2. When you realize that your nose is bleeding
place your index finger over your nostrils. This
will keep the blood from getting anything bloody.

3. Quickly, find some kind of absorbant paper 
product. Tissue or toilet paper or paper towel
will work. 

4. Crumple the paper into a tight ball and put
it under your nose in a good position to catch
dripping blood.

5. Sit down. Breathe deeply.

6. One spot on the paper ball will be filled 
with blood soon. Move the ball so another part
of it is catching dripping blood. Repeat this
until the ball is completely filled with blood.

7. If necessary, make another paper ball to 
catch blood. This isn't often needed. One
ball is usally sufficient.

8. Stand up slowly now. Pick up the blood-soaked
paper and carry it to a garbage can.

9. Go back to the place where you discovered
the nosebleed. Check for blood stains. If
there are any clean them up before a stain can
get set in.

10. Sit down again. Try to calm down. In a little
while you can blow your nose and clear out all 
the bloody mucus, but for now just sit and calm