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1. Denim jackets or "jean jackets" as
they are commonly called can be potent
hipster symbols if worn properly. Find
a jean jacket that fits you and prepare.

2. Put on the jacket as you would any 
other jacket. 

3. Pull down from the bottom and pull
down the sleeves. Roll your shoulders

4. Flatten the collar if it is turned

5. Close the pockets and do up their 
buttons if you need to.

6. Don't do up the jacket. Leave it
open. Make sure you're wearing something
good under it. A white T-shirt is best.

7. When you walk, lengthen your strides.

8. Insert a lit cigarette into the right
corner of your mouth. People who wear
jean jackets also smoke cigarettes.

9. Mess up your hair a bit. Just sweep
your hands over it a bit. You don't want
it too messy, just messy enough to convince
people that you are a hipster.

9. Find a place with lots of people in it.

10. Walk around in it.

11. Speak less clearly. Sort of mumble
a bit. Make your voice a bit deeper too.

12. Frown and scowl at people. Make them
think that you don't like them.

13. Hang up your jean jacket when you're
done with it. Make sure you don't forget
anything in the pockets.