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1. Find a partially wooded area in central
North America anywhere between the southern
United States and northern Canada.

2. Start by collecting as many large branches
of wood as you can. Make sure they are sturdy.

3. Put your large branches into a pile.

4. Walk around your town or city. Look for
pieces of plywood or other lumber.

5. Put the plywood and other lumber in a pile
next to the large branches pile.

6. Use a piece of plywood or several pieces
of other lumber as the floor. Put it down
in a flat place that won't be flooded.

7. Form the large branches into a kind of
canopy above the floor. Make it look sort
of like a teepee.

8. Find a large bucket, and some mud or some
dirt and water. 

9. Put the mud or the dirt and water into
the bucket. 

10. Get the mud thick enough by adding more
dirt or thin it by adding more water. You
will need your mud to be about the consistency
of snow after it's been warm for a while, very

11. Add twigs, long grass or other plant material
to your mud.

12. Slap handful of mud onto branch teepee. 

13. Allow mud to dry.

14. Apply more mud.

15. Keep applying mud until your hut has no
holes except for a small opening at the top
for ventilation and an opening for you to crawl
in and out of.

16. Re-apply mud once or twice a year or as much
as necessary.