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1. Never shoot a horse that is standing. Wait
until the horse you want to shoot is lying
down. It's probably a good idea not to kill
a horse unless you have to, if it's sick.
Horses are pretty smart, you know. And they
really shouldn't be killed unless it would
make them happy to be killed, if they're
sick or something. It's kind of the humane
way. It's kind of like assisted suicide. 

2. Make the horse comfortable. Place a blanket
over his face and stroke him until he is calm.

3. Wait until the horse is asleep or loses

4. Load your gun.

5. Walk over to the horse very quietly. Do
not wake him.

6. Press your gun gently into the space behind
one of the ears. Point it down.

7. Step back as far as you can still keeping
the gun in place. The horse may kick when you
shoot. You could be injured.

8. Shoot once.

9. Jump back and away from the kicking legs.

10. Wait. The first shot should have killed the
horse almost instantly. The kicking was just 
the horse's nervous system shutting itself off.

11. Walk slowly over to the horse. Check if it 
is breathing. If you shot properly the horse
will not be breathing. 

12. If it is necessary, place the gun in the same
position as on the first shot and fire again. Wait
longer. If this shot isn't successful you will
have to shoot again. You can't leave the horse
there to die in terrible pain.

13. Wait twenty four hours and then dispose of
the horse's body.