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1. The first step is getting some
fuel. This is the thing which burns
in the fire. You can use just about
anything. Start with paper. Get a
sheet or two of regular paper. It
can be lined or unlined, any size.

2. Now, you've got your paper. You
need something to light it with. 
There are a couple products available
for this. Most stores will be able
to sell you matches or lighters. 
Get a good supply of one of these

3. a) Matches are easy to use. Remove one
of the small sticks inside the package.
Strike the end of it with the red or
white coating on the red strip on the
package. The match will flare up when
you do that. 

b) Lighters are even easier to use than
matches. Place your thumb on the rough
metal wheel and quickly pull it down
onto the small button. A flame will be
produced. Some lighters have special 
safety features. These features will 
be explained on the side of the lighter.

4. The final step: transferring the 
flame from the lighting device to the
fuel. Hold the paper in one hand or 
set it down on a flat surface. Activate
your lighting device, touch the flame
to the paper, wait. The paper will 
begin to burn. If the paper is still 
in your hand, put it down. 

5. Do not touch the fire. It will 
damage your skin and cause you pain.