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1. The most common fence is a simple picket
fence. It is made up of planks, some planks
are driven into the ground and some are nailed
to a piece of wood running between the anchor
planks. Find a fence that was created using
this design.

2. You will need some kind of heavy object
to throw against the planks which have not
been driven into the ground. It can be an
object as small as a brick or as large as
a rocking horse. Find something that suits

3. Hit the center of the unanchored planks
with your tool. Throw yourself against it.
The wood will begin to crack.

4. Once the planks have split you can rip
them from the piece of wood that runs between
the anchor planks.

5. Throw yourself and your tool against the
pieces of wood that run between the anchor

6. Don't worry about attacking the anchor 
planks yet. They have been driven into the 
ground and will be very hard to defeat. 
Proceed to the next area of unanchored planks 
and repeat the steps above that apply.

7. Once all the unanchored planks are down
you can try to defeat the anchored planks.
You can attempt an attack similar to the
one you used on the unanchored planks but
that is nearly useless here. Your best
chance is just to cut them down. Attack
the bottom of the plank with an axe until
it can be pushed over.

8. Run along the line where the fence used
to stand. 

9. Collect the wood from the ruined fence and
pile it somewhere where you will be able to
get it later. It could come in handy for some
future project.