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1. A pretend faint has to look natural or
it will look just like a pretend faint. 
Watch some footage of people fainting to
get an idea how it is done.

2. Find a group of people to faint around.
You can wait until something happens that
gives you a good opportunity to faint, you
can create a diversion and faint, or you can
just faint without reason. 

3. Stand behind these people, behind them and
to the right. Try to stand next to a wall or
something else you can lean against.

4. When it's time to faint just lean back 
against the thing you're leaning against
and keep leaning until you're touching the
ground. You have to kind of slide down the
wall or whatever you're leaning against.

5. Don't make any noise. Lie motionless
on the ground. Close your eyes.

6. People will gather around you. One of
them may prop your head up and tell another
one to elevate your legs. Don't move.

7. Flutter your eyelids and groan a bit. Be
careful not to groan too much. Rub your
eyes and ask what happened. Someone will
tell you that you fainted.

8. Stand up unsteadily. Someone will probably
help you to do this.

9. Tell everyone around you that you've never
fainted before. 

10. Smile weakly and tell everyone around you
that you think you had better get home. 

11. One of them will probably offer to drive 
you home. Accept the offer. 

12. Turn off all the lights and get into your