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1. Don't be intimidated. Electronic
music is just another kind of music.
It may sound completely different but
it's really not.

2. Find a good bed, a pair of headphones, 
a device for playing recorded music, and
an electronic music recording. The recording
selection could be hard if you are new
to the genre. I suggest something by an
artist such as Squarepusher, Aphex Twin, or
Moby. This is simple electronic music. You
may even have heard of them before.

3. Take off your pants and socks. Get into
the bed, pull the covers over you, lie in
the position in which you normally sleep.

4. Plug the headphones into the music 

5. Insert the recording of electronic

6. Put on headphones. 

7. Activate music machine.

8. Don't think about anything else. Shut
your eyes and relax.

9. Just listen to the music. Hopefully you've 
selected a good recording. Enjoy. 

10. Next, you may want to try listening to 
other types of electronic music and in other 
settings. Good luck.