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1. Identify what your medical or
dental problem is. It's okay if 
you don't have a particular problem.
Many people go to doctors or dentists
just to get checked out.

2. Find a phone. 

3. Find a phone book. If you can't find
one in your home try a phone booth. 

4. Turn to the section in the phone book
that has yellow pages. This section lists
businesses. It is organized alphabetically.
Look under 'D.' Once you're there you will
see the names of many doctors and dentists.
Most of them will say "New Patients and
Emergency Calls Welcome" underneath the
name(s) of the doctor(s) or dentist(s.)
Pick one of those ones.

5. Dial the number in the advertisement.
A secretary will take your call. Tell
her that you would like to make an 
appointment. She will ask you when 
you would like to come in. Give her
a time when you will not be doing 
anything else. She may ask you if you
have a specific problem or if the
appointment is just for a check-up.
If have a specific problem, tell her.

6. Write down on a piece of paper 
what time your appointment is and
where the offices of the doctor or
dentist are. 

7. Go to your appointment when it is
time to go to your appointment.