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1. The main tool used when walking a
dog is a leash. This is used to keep
the dog from running away. Some people
use collars or chains along with a 
leash but I prefer to use just the 
leash. You can buy a leash at many
places, including department stores,
grocery stores, and pet stores. Buy
the longest and thickest one available.

2. I'll assume that you own a dog. Find
your dog and make him sit or stand in
one place. 

3. Slide the metal part of the leash
through the loop at the other end. 
Slide it in from the right. You want
to make something that looks like a 
small 'p.'  

4. Put the small 'p' over your dog's
head and around his upper body.

5. Begin walking. 

6. The leash will allow you to keep the
dog from moving too far away from you.
You can decide how much freedom to give
your dog. Don't be conservative with
the slack. Let your dog roam as free
as possible. Keep him away from danger
and from upsetting anything. 

7. Teach your dog to follow close to 
you by scolding him for doing bad things.
Tug on the leash and say 'Bad dog' when
he does something bad. When you stop,
tug on the leash and bring your dog to
a stop. When he stops say 'Good dog.'

8. Once you are done walking, remove the
leash from around your dog and put it
away in a safe place.