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1. Cigarettes are relatively easy to
deal with if you are outside and have
a lot of free ground space to work with.
Start by getting the cigarette between
the tips of your right thumb and index

2. Work your fingers down the cigarette
until they are at the very end. 

3. Stand perfectly still. Shift your
weight onto your right foot and lean
back slightly.

4. Throw the cigarette towards the ground
without changing your hold on it. Make
sure the lit end is pointing down.

5. Shift your weight to your left foot and
leave foreward.

6. Crush the cigarette with the toe of your
right shoe. 

7. Give your shoe several quick half twists,
grind the cigarette into the ground.

8. Walk away from the extinguished cigarette.
Don't look at it. Don't make eye contact with
anyone while right after you do it. Just walk