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1. Sit down for a moment, somewhere
comfortable, a couch maybe. Think.
Think about where you would be able
to get dirty playing cards in your
village or town or city. Think. Maybe
at that dollar store or at that one
novelty place in the mall.

2. Get your shoes on. 

3. Start walking out your front door.

4. Run back inside and put on a sweater
or a jacket or something else to keep
you warm. 

5. Get in your car if you have one, or
maybe on your bicycle, or just walk if
it's close or you have no other way to
get there.

6. Drive to the place that you remembered
sells dirty playing cards.

7. Run in the front door.

8. Find the cards and bring them to the

9. Give her the amount of money that the
store is charging for the dirty playing

10. Take your dirty playing cards home 
and do whatever it is you want to do
with them.