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1. The bus system isn't very complicated at all. Don't
let it scare you. 

2. The first thing you have to do is find a place near
you where the bus stops. These stops are usually 
marked by a sign. Often, the stops will have simple
shelters set up at them. 

3. Read the sign at the stop. It will list a time or several
times. These are the times when the bus comes to the
stop. It's always a good idea to get to the stop a little
before the time listed. The buses don't run perfectly.

4. When the bus comes the front door will open. Other
passengers may come out the front door. Wait for them
to pass, then climb the stairs up into the bus. 

5. You will be expected to pay anywhere from twenty
five cents to two dollars. Ask the bus driver the price.
There are usually special prices for students and
seniors. Ask about these prices if you fit into one of
those two categories.

6. Once you know the fare you can pay. Put your money
into the device beside the driver. Remember: you will
not get change.

7. Take a seat. It is best to sit alone.

8. Inside the bus you will see a sort of cord running along
the tops of the windows. When you pull the cord there 
will be a ding and a light above the driver's head will
come on. These tell the driver that you want to be 
let off at the next stop.

9. When the driver stops you can walk to the back
door of the bus. It will open for you and you may
exit. You have just taken a bus ride.