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1. Take a group of hairs into your hand. Grab
it near the top.

2. Pull it away from the other hair.

3. Split the group in half. 

4. Split these two groups in half.

5. Combine the two groups in the middle.

6. You know have three groups of hairs. Run
your fingers up the spaces between them to the
scalp to be sure that they are well seperated.

7. Pull one of the outer groups of hairs 
across the center group.

8. Pull the group of hairs on the other side
than the previous one over the new middle 

9. Repeat steps 7 and 8 until no hair is left.

10. Pull down on the groups of hairs that are
hanging out at the bottom. 

11. Repeat step 9.

12. Repeat step 10.

13. Preserve braid by wrapping a small elastic
band around bottom or destroy braid by running
your fingers through it.