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1. Nearly every music store you will come
across will sell compact discs of the
music of Bob Dylan. Take yourself to the
nearest music store.

2. Walk right in the main entrance. Don't
be shy. Music stores are places of business.
The public is welcome.

3. The store will be full of shelves designed
specially to hold compact discs. These shelves
will be categorized. There will be a "Rock" 
category and a "Hip-hop" category and a "Folk"
category in the store. It would probably be 
best to start with the "Rock" section.

4. You will see that each section is further
categorized. The compact discs are in alphabetical
order. The Bob Dylan compact discs could be
in the D section or the B section. Check both.

5. Now you have to pick one of the many Bob
Dylan compact discs available. I suggest 
buying one of the albums released between
1963 and 1967. A good way to pick if you
don't want something specific is to pick
based on the cover. Get something with a

6. Carry your compact disc to the section in
the store where an money is given in exchange
for the purchase. This area usually has a 
cash register or computer with a store
employee at it.

7. The store employee will tell you how much
the compact disc costs. Give them this amount
or an amount greater than the amount told to
you. If you give the store employee an amount
greater than the amount told to you be sure to
wait to recieve your change. 

8. Take your compact disc home.