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1. Select an apple. Skip this step
if you only have one apple.

2. Find a sharp knife with a blade
that is less than five inches but
more than three inches. This is the
ideal length.

3. Hold the apple securely in your
hand. Hold the knife securely in the
other hand.

4. Cut into the apple. Not too deep.
This is just to pierce the skin and
get it ready for the peeling.

5. Now that the knife is under the 
skin, start pulling it around the 
apple towards you. At the same time
rotate the apple in the direction 
that the knife is moving. This will
be tricky at first but you will
get the hang of it.

6. Continue to move knife downwards
until the peel is completely off.

7. For this step you may want to use
a larger knife. You need to cut the
apple in half lengthwise. From pole 
to pole. There you go.

8. Clean out the seeds and cut out
stem remains at top and bottom.

9. Split the sections lengthwise again.
Repeat if desired.

10. Throw peels and seeds and stem
pieces into a garbage can or onto
the ground. 

11. Put away knives.

12. Find a place to sit.

13. Get comfortable.

14. Bring the apple pieces to your
mouth and bite off chunks that will
fit your mouth.

15. Chew until the apple is of desired

16. Swallow. Be careful not to swallow
to early. Swallowing too early could
make you choke. You could die if you