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Some people ask me, if I'm afraid of death. Hell yeah I'm afraid of death, I don't want to die yet..Many people don't understand me, they say I worship the devil, and that I do all those retarded shit. And well, I can't change the way I think, and I can't change the way I am, but if I offended you, good, cause I just don't give a #@%$...

I guess I should let you know me alittle better, of course, I'm from Alter Aeon. You know that. Since the only link to my page is on Alter Aeon. You probably know me in the mud, I'm the one who always scream about how I port to yeti's and get my ass bitten off. I am always the one with the typos. I'm surprised I haven't gotten a typo yet, I should really type this way in Alter Aeon. I'm always the one who embarrases himself, by yelling typos that sounds like the script from Teletubbies. You probably don't know how I look like in real life, except for...

Ok, cuz now I'm going to show you my picture, I'm going to show the whole frikken you want to see what I look like?
Click here
Alter Aeon, yes the mud, that deals with realistic topics. Screwing, Rape, Slavery, Prejudice, Mass Suicide, Killing, and Cursing.
I'm off topic, this is suppose to be about me, I guess.
I have two main characters. One is a newbie, and the other is an even newbier newbie. One char is called Steve...the other is called Orion...
Here's my little dictionary of people I know


Dentin- Creater of Alter Aeon, a pretty decent and nice guy, occationally change the mud on the majority of people's wants..

Maxx- The big referee of the game, don't cross him and you won't get spanked..

Heart- A god, again a decent god, who gives out stuff..

Squeak- Another way to say Stuart Little, must have some subconcious effect against kiwi

Coolbeans- The OTHER Unholy Eater.

Wyvren- The god of Banished Land, I have no description since I hardly know the person, but I suspected Wyvren is someone like Dentin..

Islaine- The anime liking god...a pretty nice person, how many times have I said nice?


Ashton: The quadruple 30, a pretty nice guy...still countin?

Arislain: The other quad 30

Malcolm: Currently Frozen, a pretty nice guy and alittle off triple 30

Talon: Playerkilling Karma-holding Steve murder, which is good, since he's making the world better for everyone =P

Druid: In my opinion, the nicest player on the alot of free stuff...and has a girlfriend, which I'm not surprised...

Ack I just realized there's too many players..

Zok: Stupid little kid =P

Andres: Super Steriod Pumping Leveler

Areis: player..

Violentj: A pretty good player

Thanatos: A carrying player

Steve: Steve? who's Steve?

I would add more to this page, but I'll leave it for now, since it's just purely for my amusement and yours..
Nice day..