Melvins Is Gay

What's up peeps this is my webpage about the gayest band ever the melvins.  I am here to show you pics and evidence of they gayness to you all the public.  You may ask, how do you know for certain the melvins is gay?  Well i'll tell you, because this is why i made this page for you all.


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U keep sendin emails i give more info bout melvins gay. check page then you know, called you deside, i give examples gay andstraight then you see who and who ain't gay. YOUDESIDE!

Ahaha, the gayness continues..... Something i just come to reelize. Not only is the melvins gay, they fans is gay aslo. Sooner later i knew i get some nasty email from a gay melvins "fan"(in other words someone other than bandmember that takes melvins penis in the rear) hasslin me and whatforth bout how they know melvins ain't gay etc...go here for they gayness

What have we here? It King assram himself, wait? what that he wearing on? Could it be? A Dress!?@ AHHHHH why even bother question me with, "MELVINS ain't gay really is they?" Here we have a true preop homosex transvest in our mids. Right here he like, "why my fans so dumb, i wearin dress yet they still don't beleive we is gay, give break already"-King assram hisself

Oh boy i had do some diggin for this one(and i don't mean the kind of diggin melvins do) Yes that right, it's the melvins drummer dale bendover crover. And what praytel is that he pointing at? Oh what a surprise it's the butthole of an animal! He made every gay man in the world so loose from anal gay sex he have move on to the animal kingdom! Give it a break dale, young boys turn 18 every day, no sense harming defenceless animals....


I grown tire of email saying, hey you is one who gay, why talk about melvins gayness when you is gay? I here to say that I about as gay as Jon Davis. they say i talk like i 15 and i wish i gay w melvins. YEAH RIGHT I got a girl and she think melvins gay too after see my page. Here pictujre of me to prove I ain't gay, this me next my girl who I ain't ganna show since you gay fan don't know what do with girl anyway.....

Q&A Section bout they gayness.

Melvins is gay cuz they keep changing they bass player, and you want know why they keep changin?
A:  Cuz King assram and dale crover's assholes is so loose, everytime they get a new bass player it's cuz theyget a bigger penised bass player everytime so they assholes don't get so loose so quickly.  Also the bass players ain't know that they ganna be raping King assram all day long on they tours, and they get pissed and this makes for tension within the band.

Melvins is also gay cuz they use fuckin gay album covers with dogs and the color pink n shit.  Fuck that man thats pussy shit.

Also melvins is gay cuz some of their songs are just noise, i tell you this so you all don't buy albums and find out only one two songs is good on them.

ahaha this a good example of the melvins gayness.  King fag is going damn that is some good as cum i just drank dale thanks.  And dale is like no problem king assram, bend over and i'll show you i have passion for pounding more then just drums.

here dale is saying if you a real melvins fan you let me drill your ass for a while.  And buzzo is saying, i got some dildos in this here satchel if you wanna shove a couple up in my ass i appreciate kindly. 

OK OK OK you fanboys email me abuseive for last time. what we have hear is the prince of grunge hisself and his autograph proclaiming he gay to world. Now if you aint belevin me yet i mus refer to denial term as said above on this very here page. side note: why is dale chockin buzz here? A: because he loves to choke buzz or B he catch buzz getting asspound from other man, you decide!

So in conclusion Melvins is gay it obvious after me making this website.