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Frick N Frack Fan Fic

Hi! I'm back! The site is open again! YaY! ::Cheers!:: LoL Anyway, I added a mailing list, so all you people can be notified when I finally decide to get off my lazy ass and actually update! LoL So PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE join! (Don't make me beg! As if I already haven't!) Also, Please sign the guestbook! I got a new one, and like aboslutely no one has signed it! Thank! Oh, and before I go, PLEASE send if your hosted stories! Just sent em to my email address at the bottom! The so-far results of the poll said that you guys want hosted stories! Well, send em in! Also, i'm so sorry! I'm rambling! I'm in the middle of writing another story. It's actually one without Nick in it! You know, like Brian! LoL He's been pretty much left out in the stories up so far! =( Ok, so I'm boring you all to death. I know, I know. I need to get a life! Okay, I swear, I'm leaving now!


Disclaimer for all Stories: I do NOT know the BSB, their families, their managers, or anyone associated with em! I'm just a fan (a big one) and these stories are just random ideas that pop into my cRaZy head!

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