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Hey wassup this is Stephanie and Kayla,this story is pretty much about Nick Carter but you probably already knew that because of that fine a** picture of him up their that was taken at the Grammys.Oh lordy did he look good-sigh-.But anyways Stephanie and me decided hey why not write a story together,Stephanie is the owner of two really good sites 'BaCkStReEt MaNiA' and '..Delicious..Babe..'.Well go check it out.

Disclaimer-You all knew this was going to be up cuz we do not and we do repeat want to get in trouble with the law,we do not know Nick Carter,family,band mates,band,management,manager,or close friends,or girlfriends,or fiancees.

Lotsa Love Alwayz -N- Forever-Stephanie -N- Kayla

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