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Parts 7,8

Part 7:

"That wasn't very funny," Xander pouted at Spike.

Spike couldn't stop the grin that curled around his lips. Xander looked so cute looking up at him with those big puppy dog eyes and plump lower lip sticking out at him, just beggin to be kissed.

Of course, Spike knew it was all for show, but hey, Spike was enjoying the show.

"I thought it was," Spike replied with a chuckle.

Xander rolled his eyes. "You also think ripping the heads of puppies is amusing," Xander pointed out. "But I'm guessing that if you slipped that into a stand-up routine, the audience wouldn't be too impressed."

Actually, Spike didn't mind puppies with heads still attached. Dru had a habit of picking up strays on the way home and keeping them for weeks, amusing herself by feeding them bits of dead human.

Eventually she'd either turn them into a snack or forget to feed them, but in the meantime, when the feldglings weren't around and Dru wasn't paying attention, Spike had occassionally enjoyed playing with them.

But that was something Spike would never admit to anyone. Not even Xander. So instead he gave the boy a knowing look and said: "You've obviously never seen a headless puppy".

Xander's face wrinkled in disgust. "No I haven't," he replied. "And for future reference, I don't particularly want to, so if you're planning on giving me one for my birthday, forget it."

Spike grinned, pulling the boy closer. "Valentine's Day, then?" he whispered in Xander's ear.

Xander gave him a look. "Can we drop the dead puppies?" he asked planitively. "I think you've met your quota of out-of-the-question suggestions for the night."

Spike gave him a mock-indignant look. "All I suggested was a little bit of play with the witches," he defended himself. "No need to get so defensive about it."

The pout returned with avengence and those choclate eyes were wide and innocent. "But you weren't going to let me play too," Xander complained.

God, he looked adorable, thought Spike. He just wanted to take him in his arms and...His eyes darkened with lust. "What can I say, pet?" he said in his sexiest drawl. "*I* don't like to share, either." He leant forward and pressed his lips against Xander's neck, sliding his tongue out to taste him. He tasted of sweat and musk and something undefineably Xander.

Xander gasped and pulled them to a halt, before tugging Spike's face up into a searing kiss. His tongue swept out immediately to duel with Spike's cool one, and he pressed his entire body against Spike, their hardening lengths rubbing against each other through the layers of denim.

Finally, Xander pulled away to breathe. "We should go home," he gasped. "Now."

Oh god, how long Spike had wanted to hear those words with that infliction and intention behind them. But he had to be sure the boy was ready. God help him, Spike, ruthless killer, cared about Xander, a mortal.

"Are you sure?" he asked Xander, his voice tinted with concern.

Xander ground his hips against Spike, making the vampire moan. "Ohhh yeaahh," Xander added his own pleasureable sounds.

Spike pulled himself back from the one track his mind was rapidly going down and gave Xander a serious look. "I just mean..." he trailed off, knowing Xander would know what he meant without words.

Xander nodded. "Angel's back in LA and I never have to see the bastard again," he told the vampire. His eyes darkened. "And I *want*," the way Xander spoke that single word sent shivers down Spike's spine and a jolt of arousal to his groin.

He licked his suddenly dry lips, aware that he'd missed whatever it was that Xander was saying. He didn't have time to contemplate what the rest of the sentence might have been because suddenly Xander's hot mouth was pressed against his again and he lost himself in the kiss.

Xander pulled back, but only so much that he could speak. "Home," he demanded. "Now." There was a hint of desperation in his voice that Spike could whole-heartedly relate to. They both took off down the street together, staying as close as was possible with keeping up their speed.

The moment they entered Xander's bedroom, however, the mood shifted. Spike broke away from Xander and stood still about a foot away, his eyes trailing over the boy almost reverently, but with a hunger that made Xander's blood boil.

Xander was looking back at him with something akin to wonder. He smiled a little bashfully as Spike's eyes levelled with his.

Xander shyly reached out a hand to him. Spike took it, twining his fingers with Xander's and gently tugging the boy closer to him, until they were parted by less than an inch. He leaned forward and brushed his cheek alongside Xander's ever-so-gently, as if he was a cat yearning a caress. Then he drew his free hand up to frame Xander's face, pulling him in for a kiss.

The first touch was brief, barely a whisper of lips against lips. But then, Spike lapped softly against Xander's bottom lip and suddenly Xander was pulling Spike to him and wrapping his arms around the vampire fiercely as their lips met more forceably and the kiss turned passionate.

Fingers fumbled between them for the fastenings of clothing, and hands grasped, pulling material away and reaching towards skin.

Xander was beginning to grow impatient, but Spike refused to speed up. The way he was undressing Xander was something Xander was not used to: Reverence. As if he was worth something. As if he was worth the world.

Finally, after a few long minutes and a few even longer and lingering kisses, the last piece of clothing fell to the floor.

Spike walked them both backwards until they hit the bed and gently laid Xander out, crawling up his body until every inch of him covered every inch of Xander.

Xander was breathing heavily by the time Spike was face to face with him again. He arched up against the blond vampire, desperate for more contact. They both groaned in unison as their erections brushed against each other.

Spike leaned forward and ran his cool mouth across Xander's throat, making him gasp. His tongue slid across the heated skin in intricate designs, until he reached Xander's adam's apple and began to suck. It wasn't hard enough to break the skin, but it was enough to leave a noticeable red mark and make Xander arch up against him.

His cool mouth continued his path down Xander's torso, while Xander gasped and writhed beneath him. When he wrapped his lips around one of Xander's nipples and suckled at it, the gasps rapidly became groans, and the writhing became frenzied.

"Oh god Spike," he managed to ground out.

Spike gave him an evil grin and continued his trail downwards until he reached Xander's groin. Splaying his hands out on the inside of Xander's thighs, Spike leant forward, sliding a tongue up the length of Xander's cock.

Xander's hips bucked off the bed with a curse. "Oh god, oh god, oh godd--" Xander chanted under his breath as Spike's cool tongue worked slid up and around Xander's erection. His litany broke off into a tortured groan, as Spike's lips closed around his cock and proceeded to swallow him down to the root.

"GOD!" Xander cried out, barely able to stop himself from arching up off the bed. He reached down and sunk his hands in Spike's suprisingly soft blond hair, and bit his lip to keep from screaming as the vampire expertly suckled and licked at his erection.

The cool mouth was unlike anything Xander had ever expreience. The contrast to his heated flesh was enough to makes his every nerve tingle with pleasure, but add the accumulated skill of over a century and Xander felt like he was about to lose his mind.

Suddenly, just when Xander was on the brink, Spike's mouth was replaced with his hand, but before Xander had the chance to voice a protest, he felt the vampire's cool tongue sliding between his cheeks to lap at his puckered entrance.

Xander moaned and thrust his hips up to give Spike better access.

Spike made good use of it. He circled the entrance with his tongue, then pushed against the tight ring of mucles until he gained entrance. At first the inside muscles remained tight, but after a few strokes of his erection and some gentle prodding, the muscles relaxed and Spike was able to slide his tongue in further. He thrust his tongue in and out of the boy in an imitation of what he intended to do later, making Xander moan and begin to writhe towards him in an attempt to get more contact.

After Xander had relaxed sufficently, Spike pulled back and replaced his tongue with two lubed fingers. He deftly found the right spot and pushed against it, making Xander let out a strangled cry and buck against his hand.

"Jeeezus," Xander swore, continously writhing back and forth on the bed.

Spike scissored and thrust the fingers into him, strecthing the muscles. When he slid a third finger in, however, Xander grabbed his hand and stopped him.

"Enough!" he panted. "I want...I want me," he struggled to catch his breath. "Gotta have you," he gasped. "Please Spike," he begged. "Oh god, *please*."

The desperation in Xander's voice was more than enough to break him. Spike wanted this so very badly, and to hear that same want in Xander's voice sent a wave of pure need through him. Pulling his fingers from Xander, he moved further up the bed, sliding Xander's legs over his shoulders and positioning himself at his entrance.

Before he thrust into him, he leant forward and caught Xander's lips in a passionate kiss.

"I love you," Spike gasped as pushed into Xander. "I love you."

At first Xander was too caught up in the new sensations to realise what Spike had said, but when he did, he stared at the blond vampire with wide eyes. Those piercing blue eyes were fixed on him with an intensity that Xander had never seen before, in anyone.

"I love you," Spike repeated.

Xander immediately pulled him down into another passionate kiss, plundering the vampire's mouth ruthlessly, as if he was trying to devour him, or be devoured by him.

"I love you, too," Xander gasped when they finally broke apart so that he could breath. "I love you, I love you, I love you," he chanted.

Spike moaned and pulled him into another kiss and began to move.

Xander met his kiss with a ferocity that Spike didn't know he possessed. The vampire had planned to keep his pace slow and steady, but the way Xander was bucking his hips up against Spike let him know that Xander was having none of it.

"Want you," Xander gasped. "Harder. Please, Spike, please," he begged.

"Jesus, pet!" Spike swore. "As if..oh...I could...oh god..say..uh, uh," Spike rapily lost his train of thought and began to thrust harder into Xander.

Xander pushed back just as hard, until they were racing each other's pace. Their movements became frenzied and Spike could feel his climax approaching. Determined to have Xander with him when he crossed the edge, he reached between them and grasped his erection and began to stroke it in time with his thrusts.

With a low growl, Spike tumbled over the edge, crying out Xander's name. He kept up his thrusts and stroking until he felt Xander follow him over the edge a moment later with a strangled cry that Spike was pretty sure was meant to be his name.

For a few minutes there was nothing but the sound of them both panting heavily, as they both came back down to earth.

Spike slid off Xander to lay beside him, pulling the brunette into his arms. He stroked the boy's forehead, brushing back his hair and wiping away the tiny droplets of sweat forming there. "I love you," he repeated, his voice filled with a strange kind of wonder.

Xander smiled and snuggled closer, resting his head on the vampire's chest. "I love you, too," he murmured through a yawn. "You're all... ..loveable." He closed his eyes and promptly fell asleep.

Spike gave his lover an amused look. 'Idiot,' he thought affectionately.

He trailed his hands down Xander's back. Spike frowned as his hands ran across a patch of scarred skin on the boy's lower back. He peered down, but it was hard to see anything in this light. He could see that the scar had some more porminent ridges, and he curiously ran his fingers along the first lines, which made a corner.

His brow furrowed. What could possibly leave a mark like this?

He traced his fingers further along the scar and felt the outline of a circle after the corner. A sudden thought occured to him and he didn't like it one bit. He quickly ran his fingers over the next ridges and sure enough he felt a 'V'. He felt the anger begin to rise in him. He quickly traced across the rest of the scar, a sick feeling in his stomach, until he had the whole message.

'Love Angel'.

"That fucking asshole!" he swore. Xander stirred slightly in his sleep, and Spike gave himself a reminder to curse inwardly.

He fumed silently. The scars around Angel's message were much too rough to have been done by Angel himself. Xander must've sliced this part of his back up himself to erase the message. Spike felt across the length and breadth of the scarring. Fuck, this must've hurt. The boy could've killed himself cutting this much of his back away.

Spike felt the anger boiling in him again. The fucking ponce deserved a worse beating than what he'd given him for this. Soul or no soul, the bastard had to pay.

Xander shifted again in his arms and Spike immediately returned his attention back to the boy. He wrapped his arms around him tighter, pulling his closer to him. One hand gently trailed through his dark hair. "I love you," he told the sleeping boy. "No one's ever going to hurt you," he promised. "I love you."

Forcing himself to bottle his anger for now, Spike settled himself comfortably against Xander and tried to sleep.


Part 8:

For the first time in a long time, Xander was having a really good dream.

There was a cool mouth trailing down his heated torso. A cool tongue slipped out between soft lips and traced intricate designs all over his body, leaving trails of fire in their wake.

Xander gasped as the mouth settled over one of his nipples and sucked at the hardened nub. Xander arched into the touch. When the mouth left his nipple, he let out a moan of protest, which he quickly turned into a groan of pleasure as the lips settled around his cock and proceeded to swallow him down to the root.

Xander's hips arched forward instinctively towards that skilled mouth. He felt a cool tongue swirl around his cock as the mouth began to fuck him at an excrutiatingly slow pace. His hands clenched in the bed clothes and he struggled to keep his hips in place.

"Faster," he managed to gasp out the comand.

Xander cried out as he felt a very gentle scrape of teeth up his cock, and then began to moan as the mouth obeyed his command, and began to suck him harder and faster.

Xander felt a cool hand slip between his legs and knead his balls as the mouth increased pressure on his cock. Unable to stop himself, Xander arched up into the mouth and bit his lip to keep from screaming as he came. He half suceeded, instead letting out a strangled cry.

"Gyaahh!" Xander cried out, his eyes flying open. "God!" He was panting heavily.

Spike swallowed every last bit of Xander's seed and then peered up at him from in between his legs. He let Xander's softening cock slip out of his mouth and he gave his lover an evil grin.

"Morning, love," he greeted the startled looking slayertte.

"S-Spike?" Xander managed to get out. All at once the memories of the night before rushed back to him. He pulled the blond vampire up until his hips rested between his own thighs and his face was on level with Xander's own. He sunk his hands into the soft blond hair and pulled the vampire into a searing kiss.

Spike leant into the kiss, sliding his tongue out to duel with Xander's, unconsciously thrusting his hips against his lover's torso, his own erection brushing Xander's thigh.

Xander took the hint and reached one hand between them and closed it around Spike's cock as a fist and began to pump it.

Spike groaned and pressed himself tighter against Xander, thrusting his cock into Xander's hand. Xander began to pump him faster. Spike pulled back from the kiss and leaned his forehead against Xander's shoulder as the sensations began to overwhelm him.

Seeing Spike's neck bared to him, Xander impulsively leaned forward and bit down on his shoulder with blunt teeth. He tightened his fist around Spike's cock as he did.

The blond vampire bucked wildly against Xander, calling his lover's name as he came. Spike collapsed weakly against Xander and the slayerette immediately wrapped his arms around the blond vampire.

Xander placed a gentle kiss against Spike's forehead. "Morning," he returned the greeting, finally.

Spike shifted around until they were lying side by side in a loose embrace. He grimaced as his hand ran down Xander's back and felt the scar again.

Xander saw the expression. "What's the matter?" he asked the vampire immediately, fear tainting his voice.

Spike's hand settled across the scar. He gave Xander a significant look. "Why didn't you tell me, pet?" he asked his lover softly.

Xander's expression clouded, his eyes cast downwards and Spike wished he'd kept his mouth shut. He immediately soothed the boy, running his hands through his lush dark hair and gently caressing his cheek with his fingers.

"Never mind, love," Spike told him quickly, to erase the haunted look in his lover's eyes.

One of Xander's hands fidgetted absently in Spike's hair. Finally, he seemed to shake off the mood that had fallen over them and looked Spike in the eye. "It's okay," he said eventually.

His expression shifted into more relaxed planes. He squinted at the alarm clock. "Whoa, hold up!" he protested suddenly. "I think you woke me under false pretenses," he accused the blond vampire. "The sun isn't even up yet."

It was a clumsy change of subject, but Spike let him get away with it. "Actually, pet," the blond vampire corrected his lover with a smug grin. "Technically anytime after midnight counts as morning."

"Doesn't," Xander denied stubbornly, making a face. "It isn't morning until the sun is in the middle of the sky," he informed Spike loftily.

"I think they call that noon," Spike corrected him, helpfully. "Besides," a sly grin slipped across the vampire's lips. "Didn't you like waking up?"

Xander blushed as he recalled Spike's cool, skillful mouth all over him. He tried to smother his obvious reaction. "It's not the point." He pouted at his lover. "I hate early mornings."

Spike leered at him. "I bet I can make you like them," Spike told him with a low growl.

Xander gave him a mock-thoughtful look. "I don't know," he mused aloud with mock-dubiousness. "I really, *really* don't like them." A sliver of a smile player on his lips. "You'd have to try very, *very* hard."

"I'll be bloody persistent then, pet," Spike growled, pulling Xander into a passionate kiss.

When they finally parted so that Xander could breathe, the brunette gave Spike a long, examining look. "Why did you wake me up this early?" he asked him. "I know there's a reason."

"Trying to get inside my head, eh, pet?" Spike drawled, absently playing with one of Xander's hands.

The brunette grinned at him. "It's nice and roomy," he replied glibly, earning him a swat with a pillow. He reagarded Spike seriously. "Come on, Spike, spill," he prompted the vampire.

Spike sighed. "Red's right, you know," he answered finally. "You have to tell 'em eventually." He shrugged. "Don't like 'em much, but they *are* your friends."

He dropped his gaze away from Xander's. "And I want to be there for you do," he muttered. He wasn't used to voicing these kind of sentiments. "And the daylight *is* kind of fatal, love."

Xander stared at his lover. "*Today*?" he asked in disbelief. "You want me to tell them *today*?"

Spike gave him a serious look. "It's only going to get harder the longer you wait, pet," he pointed out. "And it's been two bloody years already."

Xander shifted uncomfortably. "What am I supposed to say?" he asked, a little dispairingly. "'Hey guys, Angelus turned me into his fuck toy for six fucking months and I just failed to mention it, cause I'm seriously fucked in the head.'" His voice betrayed his fear, anger and self-contempt.

"You were protecting them," Spike told him softly. "I know it, you know it, and they are going to understand."

Xander crumbled. "It's just so hard," he admitted weakly.

"I'll be there for you, pet," Spike promised immediately. "And you only have to do it the once," he pointed out. "Once and you'll never have to do it again."

Xander gave his lover a look filled with wonder. "You're so damned nice," he observed, his voice filled with amazement. "You do remember that you're supposed to be an evil, souless, bloodsucking fiend, right?"

Spike's expression was unreadable. "Less and less," he admitted quietly. Oh, what had Xander *done* to him?

Xander held his gaze for a long moment, then rolled out of bed, pulling Spike with him. "Come on," he prompted the vampire. "Let's get this over with."


Less than fifteen minutes later the two of them stood outside the Magic Box, while Xander shuffled his feet awkwardly.

"Once and it's all over," he muttered more to himself than to Spike. He took a deep breath and let it out. All the courage seemed to flood from his body. "I don't think I can do this," he admitted.

Spike squeezed his hand reassuringly. "You don't have to, if you really don't want to, pet," he told him. "But either way we're going to have to get inside and soon, or you're going to be dating a big pile of dust."

Xander gave Spike an apologetic look. "Oh right," he answered a little sheepishly and knocked on the door.

A moment later a ruffled looking Tara opened the door. "Oh, good, you're back, I was--" she broke off mid sentence when she saw that it was Xander and Spike instead of Buffy, Giles and Willow.

"Xander?" she squeaked in suprise. "Uh, and Spike. Hi." She opened the door wide enough to admit them. "Y-You'd better come in. B-Before the sun rises, I mean."

Xander blinked, a little baffled, but he and Spike quickly followed her into the shop pulling the door shut behind them. Tara led them out towards the back.

Xander belatedly realised that his hand was still in Spike's, but since Tara had registered no suprise, Xander assumed that Willow must've mentioned their relationship to her.

"Giles keep you up all night on a spell?" he asked Tara, mostly just to make conversation. He frowned, looking around. "Where is Giles anyway?"

Tara looked distinctly nervous. Her expression was absolutely drenched with guilt.

Xander began to panic. "Tara?" he asked her. "Tara, did something happen to..." he trailed off, not wanting to finish the sentence.

"No!" Tara replied immediately. "No, t-they just had to, um, take care of something and they--" she was interupted by the front door of the shop opening and a somewhat exhausted and slightly bloodied Buffy, Willow and Giles trailing in.

Giles was carrying a weapons bag and they seemed to be in the middle of a conversation. The shelf between them and Xander, Spike and Tara kept them from seeing they weren't alone.

"Do you think he'll be able to move before the sunlight gets him?" Willow was asking the others.

Buffy shrugged. "I doubt he'll regain consciousness before them," she replied, a deep satisfaction in her voice. "But Cordy was certain that Wesley and Gunn would find him before then. He'll be fine."

Giles expression was hard as he replied. "Somehow I cannot bring myself to care." His voice was stone cold. "Not after what he did to Xander."

Xander gaped at them. They couldn't be talking, there was no way. He felt Spike's hand tighten around his own.

"I don't want him to die," the little redhead told the others. Her eyes were hard as she continued. "I want him to have to live with it," she said with uncharacteristic viciousness. "I want him to remember and hate himself every time he feels the scar we left on his back."

Xander began to tremble. Everything fell into place in his mind. They *were* talking about Angel. They were talking about what they had done to the souled vampire...for him?

Inexplicably, he felt a lump rise in his throat, and his eyes fill with tears. He was vaguely aware of Spike's arms around him holding him up. A low whimper escaped him.

Three sets of eyes immediately turned towards him.

"Xander?" Buffy breathed, and a moment later he was surrounded by her's, Willow's and Giles' arms, hugging him tight.

They all spoke at once. Apologies, vows, explanations and tears being spilled together, all the while holding each other close as if the only thing that was keeping them from flying apart was their grip on each other.

Spike and Tara stood a foot or so back, watching. They exchanged a long glance with each other. Normally, shy and tongue-tied Tara gave Spike a broad smile and Spike found himself smiling back, sharing a comradeship with the little witch through their loved ones.

After a few very long minutes, the Scooby Gang managed to calm down and regather themselves. Once they parted, Xander instinctively stepped back into Spike's arms.

Spike immediately hugged the boy to him and kissed him gently on the forehead. "I love you," he whispered feverently, without hesitation.

Xander rewarded him with a breathtaking smile. "I love you, too," he answered softly. He twined a hand with the vampire's. "Always."

All except Giles, ignored the exchange.

Giles began to laugh.

Xander and Spike dragged their gazes from each other and turned to the Watcher, realising they'd been caught.

"William, the Bloody, Scourge of Europe, in love with one of the Slayer's best friends," he observed, still chuckling.

"And what of it, mate?" Spike demanded indignantly.

Giles ignored him, shaking his head in wonder. "The world never ceases to amaze me," he mused aloud.

Willow beamed at the vampire and her best friend.

Buffy, however, immediately pulled a stake out of her jacket and held it against the vampire's back, in line with his heart. "You hurt him, and I'll dust you in an instant," she threatend him.

"Oi! That pokes at me, y'know," he told her. "Is this really necessary?" he demanded. "You know damn well that I'd stake meself before I'd hurt anyone I loved. And I love Xander," he declared, just in case anyone was still confused.

Buffy reluctantly put the stake away. "It was just for old time's sake, Spike," she explained. She sighed long sufferingly. "You should let me have my fun while I still can, since it seems that we've decided to adopt vampires into the family instead of slaying them."

"I don't think we'll go that far," Giles told her mildly. "Spike will have to be an exception."

Something suddenly occured to Xander. "What did you just say?" he asked Buffy.

Buffy pouted. "I was saying you guys don't let me have any fun," she complained.

"No, the other bit," Xander specified. "You said said we were a family."

Buffy blinked. "I did," she realised.

"Family," Willow rolled the word around in her mouth as if she were trying to taste it. "I like it," she said after a moment with a big smile, wrapping an arm around Tara.

"Indeed," Giles agreed a little bashfully.

Spike snorted. "Oh great," he grumbled. "Now I'm in-laws with the bloody Slayer. This is going to do my reputation wonders," he complained. "Thanks a bloody lot."

Buffy made a face at him. "Well, how do you think *I* feel?" she retorted. "I have to live with the fact that I'm related to someone who can't understand that the peroxide look went out in the eighties."

"Don't start giving me fashion tips, Slayer," Spike scowled at her. "I wouldn't wipe my arse with half the stuff you try and pass off as fashionable."

"Ewww! Gross!" Buffy exclaimed. "Now, I've got Spike's arse in my head. Make it go away!"

"I happen to have a very nice arse, thank you, Slayer," Spike told her indignantly. "Go on, tell her, pet," he prompted his lover.

Xander nodded. "Yes sirree," he agreed. "A very nice arse indeed."

Buffy shot back another smart rejoinder, and the two began bickering again, with occasional shots from Giles, Willow and even Tara, but Xander stopped listening.

He was content to just watch them, lean closer into his lover's arms and know that he was home.


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