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Backstreet Babes

A big thank you to JJ for helping w/the page!! I have an announcement There are 3 New co-owners of the site Becca, JJ , and Lyndsee!Love you guys!

As some of you may know I have a group called Serenity and I don't have much time for this website....although, I will be working on it I will need some help. If you would like to help me please email me at! If you do it would be much appreciated!

We wanna thank anyone who comes to this site! So Thank You!

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All of the links are up yay!!! One problem we need hosted stories ppllllleeeeeaaaaaasssssseeeee send in your stories we really need 'em. We wanna give great writers a chance to be noticed so please send 'em in!!

Becca has a cheap plug! Please so visit my other page:
OMG! They're Back Again
It would really mean alot! Thank Ya!

Okay Becca and I (Nadine) really want you all to sign the 'slambook', if you do we will email you back thanx.

Also, hey! I'm Lyndsee, and im just helpin out the girls here with there site! So give them feedback on ALL there stories and stuff! To visit my site click below!
The Chance Meeting

Hey I have a site for my music group Serenity so check it out here
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