Announcement time... I suppose... i am putting this site on hold for while... my inspiration is lost as of now, and with school starting up soon.. im taking twenty hours this next semester, with courses such as physics, zoology, calc 2, so... lol... u can see my dilemma.. plus im working on the weekends yo... and i want to focus on writing a novel..not nething to be publish-ed or nething, but a book that ive had in my head for a while.... and its driving me crazy ... see, thats what it was like when i was writing the other stories..i couldnt get them out of my head... now they're out... lol... maybe if the boys get off their butts and work on the new album...ill be reinspir-ed... if anyone actually still looks at this site... go to .. that is the partially redone site... if neone wants to work on ne of the stories.. just let me know at thanks for all the support and dont worry.. ill start back up some day lots of love to y'all stephanie