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Kian's Profile

Full Name: Kian John Francis Egan
D.O.B.: April, 29th 1980
Age: 20
Starsign: Taurus
Height: 5ft 10in - 1m 77cm
Siblings: 3 sisters (Vivienne, Fenella and Marielle), 3 brothers (Gavin, Tom and Colm)
Lives: Sligo
Fave sport(s): Basketball
Fave actor: Brad Pitt
Fave actress: Cameron Diaz
Fave male singer: Brian Littrell
Fave female singer: Celine Dion
Fave cereal: Frosties
Fave soft drink: 7 UP
Best movie ever: Titanic
Phrase that you use often: Alone

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