Walt Williams of rural Shelburn, IN is our one founding member of the original Sycamore Haven Racing Pigeon Club that was established back in the 1960s. Walt raced birds in the 60s, 70s and early 80s before family and job took him away. He has since retired and in 2013 found his way back into birds and into the Crossroads Racing Pigeon Club. Walt brings with him enthusiasm to see the club grow by helping new members with gifts of birds and breeding stock. Walt is a seasoned veteran that flies 307.656 miles on the 300. He is working on developing an old family of Wegges.
You can reach Walt at 812-870-0404 or his email below.

Mike Frakes hails from right south of Terre Haute, IN. He is a retired UPS driver and now owns Champion Extinguisher. He was active in racing pigeons back in the 80s and early 90s and left for awhile as his interest in rabbits and National Shows for them took him away. His winning ways with the rabbits carried through in his first young bird season back in racing in the fall of 2013 where he scored a 1st Place on a 200 mile race!! Mike is currently breeding birds from Rick Nanez, Ron Deisher, Walt Williams and some special whites found locally!! Mike on the 300 mile race has a distance of 316.507 miles.
You can reach Mike at 812-239-3239 or his email below.

Ralph Yagle can be found right outside Bruceville, IN, that is down Vincennes way!! Ralph has been actively flying birds since the early 80s, the only interruption was when he was driving race cars!! He is known as SPEED DOG LOFT, how many 80 year men do you know that would be willing to crawl into a car and take a few laps around the track!! Ralph is one of the toughest competitors in the club, when his birds are on it he truly is a force to be reckoned with!! As our most senior member and flyer Ralph is always inspiring and helping the new guys!! Ralph on the 300 mile race has a distance of 306.871 miles.
You can reach Ralph at 812-887-7261 or his email below.

Jerry Hollingsworth resides in the metropolis of Paxton, IN, about half way between Terre Haute and Vincennes!! Jerry has been around birds from a very early age on. His very first futurity race when he was only 12 or 13 years old, he placed very high and won some decent money for just a kid, that was way back in the 90s!! He has had birds off and on for most of his life and in 2013 was able to return to competitive racing. Most of Jerry's breeders come from Deisher's PDQ Racing Lofts. As a best friend Jerry often is drafted to care for PDQ's birds when Ron is away, thank you Mr. Hollingsworth, you are the best!! Jerry's other hobby, reptiles!! Jerry on the 300 mile race has a distance of 310.300 miles.
You can reach Jerry at 812-564-3780 or his email below.

Bob Fiscus hails from the big city of Sumner, IL, that is about 25 miles due west of Vincennes, IN!! Bob is in the middle of the Southern Illinois oil fields. Bob has been actively flying now since 2010 and being on the far south end of our area and short he can be really tough when there is a strong northeast wind that we often find in the fall. He is a tough trainer believing in not babying the birds in training!! His training methods really wakes up the homing ability that is in our birds which results in very few losses. Bob on the 300 mile race has a distance of 279.990 miles.
You can reach Bob at 618-928-0598.

Dan Beard calls rural Toledo, IL home. He is located just east northeast of Effingham, IL in south central Illinois!! Dan has been flying since the beginning years of Crossroads Racing Pigeon Club, so since 2007. Dan lives on a nice big farm where horses graze and the pigs are not far away!! His passion for racing carries over from his days with the horses where his horses competed locally. When the Kentucky Derby is taking place you won't find Dan anywhere close to a pigeon loft, but somewhere he can lay a buck down on the ponies!! Dan on the 300 mile race has a distance of 267.072 miles.
You can reach Dan at 217-663-8645 or his email below.

Ron Deisher calls rural West Union, IL home. He is 20 miles south southwest of Terre Haute, IN. His first race season was Old Birds in 1992. He breeds predominantly Ganus Family birds but has recently added the Coletta HVR Family. His primary mission in pigeons is to help his club grow strong and to help all beginners not only in his club but all over the USA. Ron on the 300 mile race has a distance of 304.746 miles.
You can reach Ron at 217-808-1082 or his email below.

Dale Martoglio currently resides in Marshall, IL. His birds are housed at Ron's place. He hopes to have a flying loft on the property soon to call his own where he can fly his own birds. For the last two years a few have been flown by Deisher's PDQ Racing Lofts. Dale is a devoted Assistant Manager for Denney's Restaurant. Recently he accepted a daytime position so life and birds can return to somewhat normal!!
You can reach Dale at 217-663-8818 or his email below.

Bob Burton calls Brocton, IL home, that is west northwest of Paris, IL he is our most northern flyer. Bob recently purchased his home and built a nice big loft, 20' X 40', last fall. He is diligently working to breed a young bird team for this fall in hopes of flying his first race season in many years!! We welcome Bob back to the sport!! In the summer of 2013 Bob & partners purchased Ashmore Estates!! Ashmore Estates is a nationally-known haunted attraction located off Route 16 just west of the east central Illinois village of Ashmore. Ashmore Estates existed as the Coles County Poor Farm almshouse from 1916 to 1959, then became a facility for people with mental and physical disabilities. It closed in 1987 until opening as a haunted attraction in 2006. Since then, it has appeared in several documentaries and national TV shows. Dozens of paranormal investigations have uncovered evidence that this 97-year-old building is actually haunted. Bob flies 301.940 on the 300 mile race.
You can reach Bob at 217-495-1359 or his email below.

Brothers Tim & Stan Drake hail from south of Terre Haute. Tim is a retired school teacher/principal and Stan is a Medical Doctor. Both flew birds with us many years ago and were always tough competitors. As the retirement years take over a major role in their lives they are coming back!! Stan runs the horse farm as well. They will not handle birds for the futurity this year but will more than likely start next year!! Tim on the 300 mile race has a distance of 307.033 miles.
You can reach Tim at 812-239-6865.

Fred Wilson is another former member of the local racing club, he has just recently built a new rustic pigeon loft pictured on the left!! Coolest little loft I have seen. Fred we hope you continue your refound interest in racing pigeons and join us in future races!! Anyway, welcome friend!!


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The New Rustic Loft
constructed by Fred Wilson, June 18, 2014