2021 Perch Reservations

BOW Entry Deadline May 1st 2021, replacements until May 15th, 2021!!

Mail birds directly to handlers or to:
Ron Deisher
21515 E Darwin Ferry Rd
West Union, IL 62477

Due to the popularity of the Banks of the Wabash Challenge and the limited perch space within the handlers' lofts we are requesting you reserve your perches early!! The only way to guarantee your perches is to prepay them. Only prepaid perches will be listed here. The handlers are listed below with their capacity on birds. Perches are reserved only by being prepaid.

By the rules of the BOW Challenge you may place up to 3 birds in any one loft. Pay Perch Fee on 4 birds and place them all, there is NO rotation this year!!
Perch Fees are only $25 per bird!!

Reserve your perches early as most lofts will fill up.

If you wish to prepay your perches using Paypal you may do so
by sending the Paypal to our treasurer at this email:


or you may mail perch fees to:

Ron Deisher
21515 E Darwin Ferry Rd.
West Union, IL 62477

Be sure to state it is for perch fees and where birds are to be placed!!
Thank you!!

Perch fees must be received no later than with the birds.
Any bird sent without perch fees will not be registered or listed on the website until perch fees are paid.

Larry Sample
Will Accept 40 birds
1-2 Rich Fox
3 Russ & Lori Osmond
4 Jerry Hollingsworth pd.
5-7 Jason Sieveking
8-10 Bill Poindexter pd.
11-12 Mike Horner pd.
13-14 Lamons Drop Zone Loft pd.
15-16 Larry Busse pd.
17-18 Justin Delinsky pd.
19-20 Randy Tritch
21-22 Rick Gill
23 Eric Ludwig
24-26 Roger Ven Soriano Torres
27-29 Robert Campbell
30-31 Tony Szymanek pd.
32 Brian Heffelfinger
33-34 Adam Miller pd.
35 Vern Hopley
36-38 Jaycee Brown
39-40 Daryn Ball
41-42 Steve DeGroote pd.
43-44 George Guinn pd.
John Sankey
Will Accept 50 birds

1-2 Lamons Drop Zone Loft pd.
3-4 Larry Busse pd.
5-6 Justin Delinsky pd.
7-9 Roger Ven Soriano Torres
10-12 Adam Miller pd.
13-14 Daryn Ball
15-16 Steve Calsyn pd.
17-18 Brian Heffelfinger
19-20 Uriah Thomas pd.
21-22 Joven Menchate pd.
23-25 Donny Lee
26-27 Bob Wilson
28 Andy Schindler pd.
29-31 Ser Yang pd.
32-34 Jennifer Musgrave pd.
35-37 Mitchell Brown pd.
38-40 Bill Halter pd.
41-42 Denver Brewer pd.
43-45 Ricomar Llamzon pd.

JD Cloutier
Will Accept 30 birds

1-2 Rich Fox
3 Russ & Lori Osmond
4 Jerry Hollingsworth pd.
5-7 Bill Poindexter pd.
8-9 Mike Horner pd.
10-11 Lamons Drop Zone Loft pd.
12-13 Larry Busse pd.
14-15 Justin Delinsky pd.
16-17 Adam Miller pd.
18-19 Daryn Ball
20 Steve Calsyn pd.
21 Brian Heffelfinger
22 Vern Hopley
23-24 Donny Lee
25 G's Loft pd.
26 Tom Van Handle pd.
27-28 Ron Kotfer pd.
29 Terry Rhyne
30 Bob Wilson
31-32 Rick Poteet pd.
33-34 Denver Brewer pd.
Ron Deisher
Will Accept 30 birds

1-2 Rich Fox
3 Russ & Lori Osmond
4 Mike Horner pd.
5 Lamons Drop Zone Loft pd.
6 Larry Busse pd.
7 Justin Delinsky pd.
8 Randy Tritch
9 Brian Malone
10 Roger Ven Soriano Torres
11 Adam Miller pd.
12-13 Tony Szymanek pd.
14-15 Daryn Ball
16-17 Jose Rangel pd.
18-19 Brian Heffelfinger
20-21 Rick Gill
22-23 Joven Menchate pd.
24 Vern Hopley
25-26 Donny Lee
27-28 G's Loft pd.
29 Tom Van Handle pd.
30-31 Ander Yen
32 Terry Rhyne
33-34 Bob Wilson pd.
35 Andy Schindler pd.
36-37 Rick Poteet pd.
38 George Guinn pd.
39-40 Denver Brewer pd.
41-42 Ricomar Llamzon pd.

Scott Dean
Will Accept 20 birds

1-2 Rich Fox
3 Russ & Lori Osmond
4 Mike Horner pd.
5 Lamons Drop Zone Loft pd.
6 Larry Busse pd.
7 Justin Delinsky pd.
8 Roger Ven Soriano Torres
9-10 Daryn Ball
11 Steve Calsyn pd.
12-13 Brian Heffelfinger
14 Adam Miller pd.
15 Vern Hopley
16-18 Donny Lee
19 Tom Van Handle
20 Bob Wilson
21 Andy Schindler pd.
Mike Frakes
Will Accept 40 birds

1-2 Rich Fox
3-4 Jerry Hollingsworth pd.
5-6 Bill Poindexter
7-8 Mike Horner pd.
9-10 Lamons Drop Zone Loft pd.
11-12 Larry Busse pd.
13-14 Justin Delinsky pd.
15 Randy Tritch
16-17 Rick Gill
18 Eric Ludwig
19-20 Roger Ven Soriano Torres
21-23 Adam Miller pd.
24 Uriah Thomas pd.
26-27 Tony Szymanek pd.
28-29 Daryn Ball
30-31 Eric Danella pd.
32-34 Robert Paul Tiglao Galang pd.
35-37 Ricomar Llamzon
38-40 Ryan Gabriel pd.
41-42 Jose Rangel pd.
43-45 Matthew Matincheck
46-48 Thomas Matincheck
49-50 Ron Kotfer pd.
51-52 Rick Schroeder pd.
53 George Guinn pd.
54-55 Joseph Brodie pd.


Mike Frakes: championextinguisher@yahoo.com
JD Cloutier: jackcloutier89@gmail.com
Scott Dean: deanfamilyracingpigeons@gmail.com
Larry Sample: lsample7581@gmail.com
John Sankey: jsankey77@gmail.com
Ron Deisher: pdqlofts@gmail.com