CHASE FIDLER with his Red Check Splash!!

2014 Day in the Park
Trophy for the Girls!!

Participants in the
Prettiest Bird Contest!!

Chase Fidler
Heather Deisher
Jacob Deisher
Michelle Fiscus
Haley Dillinger
Conner Willison
Jorja Price
Gavin Price
Landon Price

They were all WINNERS!!

2014 Day in the Park
Trophy for the Boys!!

2014 Day in the Park
Trophy for the Adults!!

Ron Deisher

Ron Deisher

Jerry Hollingsworth

Jerry Hollingsworth

Participants included:
Laura Wente
Ralph Yagle
Greg Price
Jerry Hollingsworth
Ron Deisher

2014 Day in the Park
Trophy for the Adults!!

2014 Day in the Park
The Show is Setup!!

2014 Day in the Park
The Show is Setup!!

2014 Day in the Park
Raffle Table full of Prizes!!

2014 Day in the Park
Shelter housing the Feast!!

2014 Day in the Park Race Release!!

Headed Home!!

Blaine holding his Big Winner - ARPU 30771-13!!

2014 Day in the Park Race Results!!

1. Blaine Collins ARPU 30771-13 winning $96!!
2. Mike Frakes LEFT LANE 18-13 winning $48!!
3. Tom Morgan CROSSROADS 244-10 winning $16!!
4. Bob & Deb Fiscus HADLOCK 107-08
5. Ralph & Jackie Yagle SEA 4350-13
6. Walt Williams LEFT LANE 63-11
7. Landon Price DEISHER 326-04
8. Luis Rohrbach LEFT LANE 73-12
9. Laura Wente LL 70-09
10. Gaven Price DEISHER 1192-10
11. LEFT LANE 11-13
12. Travis Willison DEISHER 370-12
13. Jerry Hollingsworth DEISHER 226-13
14. Ron Deisher CROSSROADS 973-13

What an AWESOME Day - August 16th, 2014!!

Order Your T-Shirts Now with the Design at the top of the page on them, only $8 for all sizes!!
Sizes from Youth XS through Youth XL and Adult sizes from S to 5XL!!
Email Ron Deisher at to order!!

We will be holding a raffle during the picnic!!
Tickets will be $1 each or 6 tickets for $5!! Or an arm length of tickets for $10!!

Items donated at this point include:
GRAHAM FEED - 2 bags 50lbs of Breeders Special Pigeon Feed
DEISHER'S PDQ RACING LOFTS - 2 50lb bags of Food Grade Shelled Corn,
4 Plastic V-Perches, 10 Paper Nest Bowls
ILLINI PIGEON SUPPLY - Bag of Feed, Pigeon Supplements, Illini Pigeon Supply T-Shirts!!
MORGAN FEED - Bag of Siemers Pigeon Conditioner & a Ropa B Flite Boost!!
HEATHER & JACOB DEISHER - Toys for the Kids to Pick from!!

Illini Pigeon Supply will have a table setup
with Pigeon Supplies, feed, minerals and vitamims!!
Get Stocked up on things you will need!!

The Birds that will be raced!!

1.) CROSSROADS 973-13 Registered as 973, actual band number is 978!! Grizzle Drizzle Hen - Never Raced - The Pretty One - Bred by Deisher - Grizzle with the Drizzle Factor added!!
2.) DEISHER 220-13 Silver Cock - Never Raced - Son of CROSSROADS 1047-11 - Grandson of CROSSROADS 244-10!!
3.) DEISHER 174-13 White Hen - Never Raced - Daughter of CROSSROADS 244-10 - Should be a good one!!
4.) DEISHER 226-13 Chocolate Check Cock - Never Raced - From my Cleveland Chocolates!!
5.) LEFT LANE 73-12 Blue Bar WF Pied Cock - Bred by Deisher - won many races 2012 YB of the Year!!
6.) DEISHER 326-04 Blue Check WF Splash Cock - 2008 hatch - lost for 3 years - been consistent since!!
7.) CROSSROADS 141-12 Blue Bar Tic Hen - Bred by Deisher - Hollywood-Silver Boy - never done anything!!
8.) DEISHER 370-12 Blue Bar WF Splash - The Best Eyes in my Loft!!
9.) DEISHER 355-13 Blue Check Hen - 100% Huskyen Van Riel - Consistent
10.) LEFT LANE 11-13 Blue Bar Pied Hen - Bred by Jim Lutz - Wisconsin - Super hen!!
11.) SEA 3294-13 Blue Check WF Hen - Bred by Vincent Rooney - Virginia - Equal 1st Place Bird!!
12.) DEISHER 269-12 Blue Check Hen - A Substitute will be flying in her place under the same band number, she hurt her wing yesterday on the training toss, he is a Blue Check Cock no band, has been flown out to 250 miles and always returns good!!
13.) DEISHER 377-13 Grizzle Hen - Heather's Race Winner from the Sring OBs!!
14.) DEISHER 2240-11 Blue Bar Hen - Jacob's Race Winner from the Spring OBs!!
15.) DEISHER 720-09 Blue Bar Hen - 100% Creator Family!! Always there!!
16.) DEISHER 372-12 Grizzle Hen - Silver Boy - Past Winner!!
17.) CROSSROADS 244-10 Red Grizzle Cock - Bred by Deisher - The Horse - Silver Boy Family - Past Winner!!
18.) LEFT LANE 63-11 Dark Check Cock Bred by Chad - Kansas - direct off Deisher Phantom Family!!
19.) LEFT LANE 18-13 BBWF Hen Bred by Deisher - Rocket-Silver Boy - 1st Drop bird!!
20.) CROSSROADS 1050-11 Blue Check Hen - Bred by Deisher - Creator-Hollywood Bloodlines - Consistent!!
21.) CROSSROADS 1047-11 Silver Hen - Bred by Deisher - Silver Boy - Father is CR 244-10 on the race team!!
22.) ARPU 30771-13 Blue Check Cock - Bred by Denver Brewer - Illinois - tough bird!!
23.) SEA 4350-13 Blue Check WF Hen - Bred by James Hickman - North Carolina - very consistent!!
24.) LEFT LANE 10-13 Blue Check Hen - Bred by Paul Johnson - Florida - he had =1st in the AIC One Loft last fall!!
25.) LEFT LANE 74-12 Blue Bar WF Splash Hen - Bred by Deisher - Rocket-Silver Boy Bloodlines - past winner!!
26.) DEISHER 1192-10 Blue Check Cock - 100% Creator Bloodlines!! Flown every race since he was a Young Bird!
27.) LEFT LANE 20-11 Blue Check WF Hen - Bred by Alvie Smith, Sr. - Missouri - was in the Money on the Left Lane Race!!
28.) CROSSROADS 1027-11 Blue Bar Hen - Bred by Deisher - mostly Hollywood & Creator!!
29.) NJF 103-12 Blue Check Hen - Bred by Tim Tessier - Massachusetts - Short Race Winner!!
30.) BBS USA 5095-13 Blue Check Cock - Bred by Dale Martoglio!!
31.) LL 70-09 Black Hen - Bred by Michael Luisi - New Mexico - "70" is a winner!!
32.) HADLOCK 107-08 Blue Bar Hen - The only Hadlock bird still being flown in the club!!

On Saturday you will have the option to stay and watch the release then try to beat them to the loft or you can go to the loft and I will release them. There will be electronic clocking so whoever clocks first wins!! I am pretty certain most of them will be on the drop and it will be a foot race to see who gets in first!! We will draw names out of the hat for picking order, everyone gets to pick at least one bird, $5 per bird!! If any birds are left the club gets them at $5 per bird!! So in the prize purse will be $160, that is if all 32 birds are there Saturday, never know when a hawk is going to have a snack!! Prizes are split 60% 1st Place, 30% 2nd Place and 10% 3rd Place!! That means 1st place takes $96, 2nd place takes $48, 3rd place gets $16!!