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My Tummy Tuck Fund

Welcome To Shanna's Tummy Tuck Page!!! Hi my name is Shanna and I am 25yrs old,a military wife and a mother of 3 wonderful boys ages 9,7,3. The reason Im starting this site is because I want to try to raise enough money to get a tummy tuck done. I have been wanting this for a very long time and it would mean the world to me if I could feel better about myself and be the person I used to be very confident and have a nice firm tummy back. These days I dont even look forward to going swimming or anything that shows skin I used to be an outdoors person and I have tried everything from exercising to dieting nothing seems to be abled to get rid of the extra skin. My plan is to try to raise enough money to get the procedure done and I will provide before and after pics. If you would like to see before pics of me now send me a email at so as you can see I am really serious about the procedure and how it will change the way i feel about myself. Ive been wanting to get it done for a while now but just dont have that kind of money and my children will always come before a costly procedure so thats why I am asking for help to raise the money. God blessed me with children which I am proud of and love very much but we all know the kind of effects bearing children have on the body from being stomach grosses me out I think the buldge makes it so i cant fit certain outfits right and there is days i just dont want to even look in the mirror... I just want to feel good about my self again! Even A dollar will be greatly appreciated if you could spare it and any help at all will be as well thanks for visiting my site.

All donations Can be sent by Paypal

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