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Car Parts For Sale


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All Prices Are OBO So Make An Offer If You'd Like

 Latest Pics of My Car

Clear Headlight Lens, 50/50 Tails, All Red Tails GB

OEM LS cams $40      
Steering column Switches $25 Dead Pedal $5 E-Brake $10 A/C Evaporator $40
D Series Sol Fuel Pump $20 Gas Pull Trim $5 Headlight Housing (damaged as pictured) $15 Auto Gas Pedal $10
  Hood Hinge $5 HVAC Controls $25  
  OEM Exhaust Tip $10 Z6 Pistons & Rods $40 Y7 Pistons & Rods $5 ea
Gas Cap $5 Seats Driver's Side is Ripped as Pictured $ Make Offer (Really! I just need the room they gotta go)
Driver's Side Switch  $25 95 Integra Seat Belts $20 USDM Visors $10 Trunk Hinges $15

Ash Tray Used and Bolted Together

Ash Tray Lid Cowl #2 $20
Rear Bin Parts Driver's side Door Handle $10 Bumper Stops $5 Reset Button For Gauge Cluster $1
Dome Light Trim $10 Dash- Sold, Si Manual Cluster, Vents, Switches, Switch Trim, All  Make offer D Series Tranny Mount $10 D Side Engine Mount $10
  Pass Side Window Switch $10   94 Si PS Pump $10
OEM Intake $10 Door Cables $10 Left Door Panel $40 Pass Side A Pillar $10
Rear Bin Parts Rear Bins Complete With a Hole $35  
89 DX Engine Harness $10 Rear Lower Trim $20   Steering Wheel Trim (has 2 holes where something was mounted) $10
Steering Wheel Garnish $20 Sol Shifter $10 VW OEM Clear Side Markers & Harnesses $40
Wiper Motor $10

USDM visors

Trunk Trim $5 Front Bumper Holder $5


AUX Switch


Front Del Sol speaker baskets

94 Sol D16 Alternator $20 Pedal Covers (All Available)




Gas door pull


Cig Lighter + harness

EBay Boot Set


Stock E Brake Boot

SRS Computer & Sensors

89 DX ECU $15 PM-5 Manual

Rear Window


Cruise Button

Cruise Set Resume Buttons

Steering Wheel Screw Cover

Door Handle Cruise Switch Blank Set Resume Blank  

Hood Hinge $5


Dash Trim Note holes drilled for security switch. Switch available if you want. Switch that was in those holes.

Rearview Mirror


Side Dash Bolt Cover


Center Dash Bolt Cover Shift Knob $5


Jack Holder






Steering Wheel SRS Access Cover

Trunk Latch Trim Del Sol S Muffler

Gas Tank Straps Del Sol S Exhaust Steering Column Cover Cowl

Door Lock Cables

Roof Rack Struts

Throttle Cable Brace Front Bumper Absorber

  93 Del Sol S Pressure Plate


Rear Bumper Support

metal sold

Foam $15

Trunk Roof Holder Latch ? Bracket



Del Sol Roof Rack from the trunk



Fuel Neck

Wiper Motor


Under Dash Brace


Under dash Braces Upper A Arms

OEM Shift Boot

1 Clear Bumper Reflector

Brake Lines

Battery Cables Antenna Cable


E Brake Hardware


D-Series Idler Pulley $5 Gas tank Cover Dash Braces



Horn AC Stuff HVAC Controls

OE Del Sol Brake Line



MAP Sensor


Rack & Pinion Boot

Del Sol Front LCA's



Carsound Cat Used in Good shape $50

Cruise Actuator EVAP Purge Valve


2001 CRV Engine/dash Harness


Ground Cable SRS Reel

Sol Engine Bay Fuse Box


Interior HVAC Harness

93 Del Sol S Gauge Cluster Harness

HVAC Controls harness







Battery Connection $10






Sol Interior Fuse Box

ECU Cover


ECU Wire Loom

B&M Shift Stablizer B Series

D Series Radiator Hose



D Series Exhaust Brace $5


13/16 MC & Booster $20

B Series Alternator Mount


B16 PS Pump Mounts $5

Throttle Cable ?? 39.5 inches long $5

89 Civic DX Flywheel


89 Civic DX Clutch & PP


GSR E-Brake Cables $20 NEW OEM ITR Brake Pads Heat shield

90 Integra Rear LCA



VX Pistons & Rods

B20 Fuel Rail $5

PM7 Piston

Set of 4 OBD0 Injectors


95 Civic EX Starter


95 Civic EX Alternator


93 Del Sol S Starter


Injector Resistor Pack


95 Civic EX Water Pipe


OEM Struts & Springs

93 Del Sol S Throw Out Bearing, Shift Fork

$5 ea

1st GenB16 AC Mount $5

Resistor Pack


With both sides of the plug.




B20 Injectors $15

Misc 1


Misc 2


Misc 3


KONI Hardware






Not Pictured






Not Pictured


Not Pictured

Email for Pics

OE Cruise Control Parts  for Del Sol

Email to Inquire

Stock 93 Del Sol S Suspension and brakes All of it

Misc Relays Switches harness plugs. Email for more info, most of the interior wiring and switches, relays etc.

Bare B16 Block and Crank $200


EBay Auctions





Shipping available at buyers expense. Items will be shipped via FedEx with insurance and tracking from Augusta, GA 30907. I will need your zip code to figure a shipping cost. Please include it with any offers. Any posted prices are OBO and plus shipping, so if you want it make an offer. And yes more pictures are available.


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