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Welcome to Rochelle Lynn Holt's Web

It’s taken many years to spin the complex threads of my far-reaching literary web. I toiled on a typewriter and then a word-processor for most of them until Susan Sheppard gifted me her Gateway computer in February of 2004. She first wrote to me more than twenty-five years ago after reading one of my books just as I wrote Anais Nin a poem and fan letter in the Sixties. That began over a decade of our friendship...

Anais Nin was a prolific role model who dared to write experimental lyrical prose as well her monumental Diaries which continue to motivate readers more than a quarter of a century after her passing. Moira Collins is the owner/supporter of the Nin web site.

Just as Anais had a vision of her “Café in Space,” perhaps my web will enfold a few readers. I offer you artistic creations with links to other artists, poets and writers whose contemporary and unconventional productions I greatly admire and recommend. All books and my papers are archived at: U. of Iowa Special Collections

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