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Welcome to Crystal - A CardCaptor Sakura Clique!

Whoa!Look at the dates...It's been months since I last uptated this web.I've uptated the members page & some other pages too!
Today,school closes & the holidays starts.I've added 1 new member so you must go see the bloggie!^^It's very cool!I've got loads of stuffs comin' up soon!See ya!

14/11/2002,Thursday I've added 2 membera & tomorrow's the last day of school!Yippee!But,the sad thing is that it's gonna be the last year n I'll miss all my friendz!:( Anyways,I've also changed some midis into mp3 so they may take some time to load.

11/11/2002,Monday Hi & Welcome to Crystal!Todae is the official opening of Crystal!I'm looking for a webby to host my clique!^^Ah well,since this site juz opened,the rules will be simple n nice.The pages are still under construction so,come back later!^^

You are visitor number !Enjoy your stay!

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