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From memory -

did one for a friend at the weekend (my sixth one this year !!!)..... take the hood off - four bolts, plus you have to stop the washer fluid leaking away - small length of pipe (12") place the end in the washer bottle.

drain the radiator - or undo a couple of hoses, and let the coolant flow to the floor

undo the clip that hold the fan shroud on, and lift the shroud a little, and push it back over the fan.

remove the airbox - loosen the nuts, and the big clip, unplug the wiring harness.

undo the two (12mm ?) bolts that hold the radiator in place, ensure that the two hoses are undone on the thermostat housing.

Carefully lift the radiator, and wiggle the hose out from the bracket by the alternator.

remove the fan shroud

Using a thin adjustable wrench undo the fan/waterpump conection - this is a backward thread !!!!

loosen the bolts that hold the pulley wheel to the waterpump, and loosen the alternator, PS pump and AC pump.

remove the dstributor cap, and then the rotor arm and the plastic shield.

rotate the engine until the timing marks all line up - there is one on cam drive, and one on the pulley on the end of the crank. get them lined up now !

stick the car in gear and pull the brake on.

undo the bolts holding the pullywheel onto the crank - either six or eight of these.

Slide the pully off - its keyed so putting it back is easy, this will also remove the belts.

take the cover off the front of the engine - several bolts including a but on the bracket that holds the alternator in place.

You can now see your timing belt.

As you have got this far, its a good idea to check the water-pump - if there is any movement on the shaft, or any signs of seepage, replace it. No, I take that back, replace it anyway, and the bypass hose - as this is horrible to get to later.

Also check the seals on the front of the motor for oil seepage too.

ensure that the timing marks are still aligned - you will find a couple of marks - one on the crank, one on the cam drive.

Carefully, undo the timing belt tensioner, and push it against its spring, then re-tighten it - for the moment at least.

This gives you just enough space to ease the old belt off - or in the case of the one I did this weekend, allows you to get all three strands of the belt off.

make sure the timing marks are still aligned.

remove the old tensioner.

remove the waterpump - you are going to replace it !

remove the old gasket - carefully.

check that the timing marks are still alinged.

Install new waterpump and new gasket.

place NEW tensioner in place - DO NOT RE-USE THE OLD ONE.

push tensioner all the way in, and tighten it down.

the new belt is "fun" you have to get the bottom half in place, then the cam part - be really careful here, its really easy to underestimate the tension belt is under on the "straight runs".

Once it is in place, check the timing marks again !

loosen the adjuster, and it will spring into place and put the belt under tension, I check the marks again at this point.

turn the engine two complete revolutions by hand - a BIG socket in the end of the crank will work - remember to take it out of gear first though.

Tighten the tensioner, and put it all back together

I've found that this whole task can be completed in about three hours, and that its a really good move to replace all of the belts ($4-5 each) and the hoses ($20 total) whilst you are there - the water pump is such an easy, and inexpensive job whilst you are there that its pretty much a no-brainer.

Good luck.

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