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08/15-16/98 Lemonwheel - Loring Air Force Base, Limestone, Maine

08/16/98 Lemonwheel - Loring Air Force Base, Limestone, Maine I: Ginseng Sullivan, Bathtub Gin > Rift, Punch You In The Eye, Lawn Boy, Ya Mar > AC/DC Bag, Relax, Birds of a Feather, Guyute, Possum (98 min) II: Down With Disease -> Piper -> Story of the Ghost* > Fluffhead, When the Circus Comes, Wading in a Velvet Sea, Hold Your Head Up+ > Sexual Healing++ > Hold Your Head Up, Run Like an Antelope (101 min) III: Sabotage > Also Sprach Zarathustra, Wilson, The Mango Song, Character Zero, Bittersweet Motel, While My Guitar Gently Weeps (55 min) E: Harry Hood*, The Baby Elephant Walk^ (25 min)    * - with glowstick war    + - Long and drawn out, Fishman introduces "his band": Trey Anastasio on drums, Mike "Cactus" Gordon on Bass, "Chairman of the Boards" Page McConnell, and himself as Bob Weaver. Introduces the next song as "A love song about a turtle" (which would have been Terrapin) but instead he performed Sexual Healing ("A much better song anyway") after his band finally ended HYHU.    ++ - includes "Sounds of Love" vacuum solo    ^ - Henry Mancini cover, first time played. Trey lit a tiki-torch and used it to light a fuse which ran up Page's side of the stage, across the backdrop, down Fish's side of the stage, along the fence to a giant elephant-shaped structure near the stage came to life to life as fireworks went off both above it, and from behind the stage;, the elephant then blew water out its trunk and leads the crowd out towards the campground ...................................................... 08/15/98 Lemonwheel - Loring Air Force Base, Limestone, Maine I: Mike's Song > Simple, Beauty of My Dreams, Roget, Split Open and Melt, Poor Heart, Moma Dance, Divided Sky, Water in the Sky, Funky Bitch > Cities* > Weekapaug Groove (111 min) II: The Wedge > Reba, Gumbo^ > Sanity, Tweezer > The Horse > Silent In The Morning, Chalkdust Torture, Slave To The Traffic Light^^ (85 min) III: NICU > David Bowie, Strange Design, Limb by Limb > Brian and Robert, Loving Cup (80 min w/ encore) E: Halley's Comet > Cavern, Tweezer Reprise IV: Ambient Jam+ (55 min)    * - 3rd verse was about The Garden of Infinite Pleasantries, instead of the normal verse about Memphis; included noticeable Sneakin' Sally teases    ^ - jam out of which sounded very much like Tweezer Reprise    ^^ - with a glowstick war    + - After Tweezer Reprise, Trey explained that the band wanted to do something to combine ideas from The Clifford Ball and The Great Went, going into detail about the band/fan artwork from last year, and announced that the band would do a freeform ambient jam (lyric less; nearly an hour long; "in the Brian Eno style of ambient music"), surrounded by candles that were made by the audience throughout the day. There were no lights used during the jam, the band using only the light from the candles, which Trey explained is similar to the idea of what happens during a glow-stick war, with the light for the band coming from the fans. Because candles were placed around and througout the stage, Trey explained that they were in fact playing in a "temple of fire" as the advertisements for summer tour shows announced. After finishing the jam, the band picked up tiki torches, lit them using the candles on stage and lit a small stone (?) temple at the edge of the stage, which was left burning overnight and throughout the band's performance on Sunday.