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SRF Walrus Discussion Forum

SRF Walrus Discussion Forum

The discussion board listed above is intended to help those who have been involved closely with Self Realization Fellowship share their experiences and discuss the issues that often result. For most it is shocking when they get a close look at the reality of what the organization is like and it brings their loyalty to SRF and Yogananda into question. What is loyalty? What is the duty of a true disciple to help Yogananda’s work? How can we stay involved and help the organization become what it can and should be? Should we stay involved or just develop a personal relationship with Yogananda that does not involve SRF? How can we see the problems and still remain loyal and serve? Come help us discuss it.

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Those using this board are loyal devotees of Paramahansa Yogananda.

The board is not intended to be a source of criticism of his message or life. While it is often critical of those currently in leadership positions within Self Realization Fellowship, this should not reflect on the many giving loving service to Master.

This board is also not intended to promote any other organization. While we don't filter much discussion, we hope that you all will keep this guideline in mind. This board is for serious discussion.

- SRF Walrus


The following is the ALT.YOGANANDA discussion board. This board is pretty uncensored also, but not geared toward people who have been there (done that) within SRF. But for completeness sake here is the link:


This site is pretty raw and completely unfiltered. About 1 in 10 messages are worth reading and may provide some value. Overall, I don't recommend wasting time viewing it.

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SRF Magazines

This is a helpful link containing the text to most past SRF magazines. Helpful to figure out what was said in the past and what has really changed.

SRF Magazines

Sample Discussions from the SRF Walrus Forum

Sample Discussions
Bribing the monastics? Discussion on loyalty
Myth of "training" Behavior
Time to wake up Proposed new rules for SRF
Degrading Experience
Board Categories
core issues treatment of members and monastics
how can we help SRF? life on the inside
Walrus Newsletters

January 27th, 2002
January 8th, 2002

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Another helpful website is the Transition website. It seems to be intended to help monastics who have decided to leave the Self Realization Fellowship ashram. As you know, SRF does not help them and they can be left without any support. The following website offers them resources to get them going.

If you are involved with Self Realization Fellowship, as either an employee or even just someone who volunteered once in a while, and find you need to get away or need help adjusting, you may be able to also contact these people for help. I don't know if they are setup for that or not, but you will at least get a compassionate ear and help with some ideas.

Alternately, if you have resources and may be able to help your fellow devotees you might also check it out and let them know how you might help.

website: Transition Resources

The above website is not affiliated with this discussion board.

If you find other helpful or informative websites please post them on the SRF Walrus discussion board.

Lot's of Bulletin Boards!

There are many other bulletin boards on meditation and related topics. Some might be right for you? These are all run by the Yahoo bulletin board service.

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SRF Member Board

The following bulletin board contains posts from SRF members (it appears) who enjoy exchanging ideas on the teachings, fairly light weight discussions, requests for prayers, that sort of thing.

The board is heavily moderated and won't allow any kind of "negative" or controversal topics to be discussed.

Rediscovered Website

This website is run by Ananda. I know, I know. Don't freak. Read it if you like with the authors in mind. There is some interesting information here if you take the time to read it. Some stuff that will seem all too familiar to those of us who have been close to SRF ourselves.

Yogananda Rediscovered