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Welcome to Steve Berardi's Source Code Library. Here you will find all of the source code to my "pet" programs, programs I just wrote for fun or for a class in school. You will also find some Photoshop plugins and ActiveX controls that I have created. Everything you find here is absolutely free. You may use the code in any type of LEGAL program you want. However you must understand that I am in no way responsible for your actions while using this code. Please read the disclaimer before downloading files:

DISCLAIMER: The code presented in this site has NO warranty of any kind. All code is "as is". The author is not responsible for any of your actions when using this code on your computer. The author is not responsible for your misbehavior of this code and is not in any way responsible if you decide to use the code to harm a computer in any way. This code is presented as free and should be used for educational purposes only.

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