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Eric Clapton(Vocals/Guitar): Not much else I can say about Eric Clapton, I think most people know who he is and what he can do. Amazing guitar player, for the first time handling the reigns of his own band, vocals and songwriting. Great start!

Bobby Whitlock(Piano/Keyboards/Vocals) Bobby cowrote many of the songs appearing on the album with Eric. Bobby also helped Eric sing a little bit more gutsier, by backing him up vocally on many of the songs. Eric and Bobby agreed they were going for a Sam and Dave (singing duo) style for the vocals, but it was mainly to help Eric become more confident in his own singing abilities. Click on the pic of Bobby for a more recent interview about him and his stint with the Dominoes.

Duane Allman(Slide Guitar): Duane added his impecable guitar and slide work to many of the songs that appear on the Layla album. He recorded with the band on the album and was a strong creative force in finishing the record.

Jim Gordon(Drums): Jim Gordon an ETREMELY talented drummer. Jim was the driving beat among the band and apparently could play drums for hours without stopping.

Carl Radle(Bass): Carl added his steady rolling Bass beats to round out the sound of the Dominoes . His work can also be heard on Claptons first solo album "Eric Clapton". Listen to "Let It Rain" and you can hear what Carl can do.

Dave Mason(Guitar): Dave Mason had a short stint at the beginning of the band. Dave would have been backup vocals and guitar. He contributed to Roll it Over and a few other Clapton Solo album and Dominoes songs. His presence was shortlived and left after playing only one live performance with the band(first gig at the lyceum in england) to pursue his own solo career. Click on Pic of Dave Mason for a biography on his career.

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