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(N) Purplehaze intend to breed pure Siamese with no oriental in the lines. Our main objectives are first and foremost to breed for health, temper and type (in that order). Kittens from (N) Purplehaze will under no circumstances leave home before 12 weeks of age, and will be fully vaccinated and de-wormed. Furthermore they will be registered in NRR and supplied with a FIFe pedigree and proper health certificate from a veterinary.

Only inquiries from loving and permanent homes will be considered, and buyers might be rejected without any further explanations. Our cats are our children, and will not move until we are 100% sure that the new home will provide the facilities and love they require and deserve. Please be aware of the fact that as a potential buyer, you will be sized up as a suitable owner rather than a customer. Therefore no sales will be settled based on phone or mail conversation only, unless people we trust can guarantee that our objectives are being met. Prior to any sale, a Sales Agreement will be signed by both parties and a handover of necessary documentation is subject to payment having been made.

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