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EP Nonchalant af Snig aka "Paco" is an elegant blue point (SIA a) senior born November 17th 1992. Paco came to us early 1993, while Laila was hospitalised due to a spinal operation. We decided that Nikki needed a playmate, so again we went to Inger Marie and came home with this amazing cat. (this playmate thing is just an excuse....truth is we were already addicted to siamese cats....). Of all our cats, Paco is the one with the strongest personality; with us the most loving cat you can imagine but with strangers and visitors he quickly became known as "the man-eater". Many grown men have fled our premises while screaming for mercy....hehe. In spite of this somewhat deep-rooted scepticism towards strangers (i.e. Judges e.t.c.), Paco was a real "show-star" with numerous "Best in Show" and "Best of the Best" titles. In fact he still gets his titles but now as a Veteran.

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