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The E - litter was born February 15th 2006 - 3 girls and 1 boy. Parents are Legacy & Carty. The E names represents nature phenomenons Parents are Legacy & Carty. This is (N) Purplehaze Earthquake a chocolatetabby (SIA b21) boy.

Owner is Lise Helgøy

This is (N) Purplehaze Ebb Tide a sealtabby (SIA n21) girl

She's now owned by Cecilie Sunde, our nice neighbour, in Stavanger.

This is (N) Purplehaze Eclipse

She's a chokolatpoint girl(SIA b), owned by Nicole Lind at Hommersåk near Stavanger.

This is (N) Purplehaze Echoes a chocolatetabby girl which tragically died at the age of four month.