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Hey, my name is Remy…

and i live inside this nice little tree…..

It’s not all that bad

once you get used to a life in the wilderness.

I prey on bugs and insects,

or an occational bowl of Royal Canin should it come my way.

This green stuff is edible too.

I’ve been thinking of turning into a vegitarian.....

All I have to do…..

is take a quick walk outside my little home

And there it is……...

free food all over the place. Saves me the energy of catching something all the time.

Hey, my name is Paco…

and I live inside this crummy little paper bag.

Not much of a view....

but it’s a quiet neighbourhood and the rent is cheep.

Normally I’d invite you in..

but the place is a mess right now, and I was just about taking a nap.

I used to live under far better conditions

until ”the bottle” got a grip on me. Now look at me……..*sigh*

Hey, my name is Nikki…...

and I live inside those worn-out pair of jeans.

Not for long though…....

I’ve just ordered some new blue Levis 501…and i ordered them on…right!!....

the internet…..

you can buy anything there, even cats I’m told