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S* Hi Tor's Daron Devotion aka "Destiny" is a seal tabby point (SIA n 21) girl, and our first breeding queen. We got her in Gothenburg in August 2001 from the excellent Swedish breeder; Birgitta Schmidt owner of Hi Tor's cattery. "Destiny" was born May 18th 2001, and immidiately became a member of the family when she arrived. Like most girls, she took command and gained control over the boys. She's a very friendly and active cat, but is not enjoying cat-shows, which she is clearly states whenever we take her there...........Although Destiny was not intended for cat shows, she's already been rated as "Best in Show" three times as kitten. Her strongest "assets" is her evenness, thus extremely suitable as breeding material. Her first litter were born September 19th 2002 comprising one boy and three girls.


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