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Ask anyone.

My friends, my family. Even people I barely know. They all know I'm obsessed with Orcas.

How? Take my room, for example. Posters, prints, toys, books, stationary, pictures, photos, keychains, stickers, even videos, all of the mighty Killer whale.

Not that I like to call them that. I know I'm babbling, but who came up with that ridiculus name? "Killer whale" makes these beautiful creatures sound like mindless killing machines.

Everything they are not.

Orcas are beautiful, graceful, social, playful and energetic. And while they do hunt and kill, never more then they need, and never humans.

If we were going to brand every animal that killed for food with "killer", we'd have killer humans, killer lions, killer bears, killer dolphins and yes, killer lizards. Basically, Killer whale is s silly name. I simply preffer Orca, or their scientific name, Orcinus Orca.

Actually, I've never seen a real Orca, in the wild or captivity. But that's my dream.

I'm planning to travel to America when I graduate from high school, to see both the free and captive variety.

If you wondering what my position is on that, whether I support places like Sea World keeping them captive, I'm not 100% either way.

While I believe all people deserve the opportunity to see these beautiful creatures, it should never be at their expence. Which it is now. In captivity they die too soon, kept slave for money-grabbing theme parks. So yeah, now I read what I've said, I guess I don't support it.

I think the theme parks either need to make drastic changes or keeping all Orcas in the wild is the way to go.

Well, that's it from me. I hope you enjoyed my website, feel free to take any of the photos from the gallery. Ooh, and please sign my guestbook. I get a kick outta that.

So next time you see an Orca, take the time to look at them, to watch them. Appreciate how breathtaking they are, even if it's just for me.

Georgina (