Midnight Musings

August 4, 2002: Okay, I know it isnt midnight yet but I felt like writing something just to get this new page in motion and tell you what it will be about. Bascially I'm a night owl.....I stay up late and start thinking about stuff in life. This whole page will be about my thoughts and stuff that occured to me during the day that I feel like sharing with everyone. Dont get to excited though....there will not be any raunchy stuff posted! LOL! In other words this will be like an online journal. I wont write every night...just when something hits me and I want to express myself. Enjoy!

11:00pm- Blast this stupid website!!!! &*%$ this whole thing. I just started to type this long, and I mean looonnggg, musing and what happens? I try to back space one tiny character and the server thinks i want to go back to a previous page. NO! I did not want to go back i wanted to erase something.....***** website! Okay, calming down.....I am going to forget about this thing and do it tomorrow, maybe then I will have something more interesting to talk about. Okay one more thing before i go. Dont you just hate those people who are so conceited that they only find what they have to say interesting? Its like everything you talk about is nothing more than filler until they cant start yammering again. I cant tell you how many people I have encountered like that in my life. I just dont understand people....how different everyone is. Its so amazing that some people who are like this dont find anything wrong with the way they are. Just thought id point that out. Night again!