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Why Being Single Rocks!

Why Being Single Rocks!

1. Because you can lock yourself in your room, blast music, scream to your heart's content and fully appreciate the angry, angsty lyrics.
2. No carpooling them around because you have wheels and they don't.
3. You don't have to inflict your parents on anyone else.
4. You can flirt with the neighbour, your homeroom pal and the manager at the surf shop without ever feeling like you have to explain yourself.
5. You won't be known as so-and-so's girlfriend/boyfriend.
6. Computer solitaire.
7. You get to spend Wednesday nights with Dawsons Creek.
8. You'll catch fewer colds.
9. If you want to wear a bindi, you needn't worry about your guy asking, "Is that a zit?"
10. You get to eat onions on your burger, or garlic whenever you want!
11. You can go on a tirade about the lameness of student council without being accused of PMS-ing. (Or you won't get in trouble for accusing someone of PMS-ing!)
12. Because the pursuit is the funnest part, anyway.
13. Your journal will be filled with far more exciting fare than the status of the relationship.
14. Shopping with your buds or on your own is WAY better than with a tag-along of the opposite sex!
15. School, homework, SATs, football games, concerts, who has time for a boyfriend or girlfriend?
16. You'll never again worry about sending poor loser-boy in a funk if you beat him in video games. (Never be beaten again!)
17. More space in your locker.
18. You get to play the field and your coupled-up friends don't!
19. Sweaty palms? Big Deal!
20. You don't have to explain why you haven't read a single issue from Hot Rod or Seventeen magazine he/she gave you for Christmas.
21. There's more time to hit the gym.
22. You never need to worry whether you're too tall or too short.
23. You can go from hippie to body pierced punk without worrying what your significant other thinks.
24. You never suffer from stubble burn/ you don't have to shave as often!
25. When you have a long-term relationship you just don't have the same kind of high intensity crushes.
26. Summer break was made for being single!
27. Couples are boring to the rest of the world: Weren't Ross and Rachel totally boring?
28. Romantic bliss is bad for the inner artist. How many poems/song lyrics are about happy couples?
29. You don't have to have "the talk" about where the relationship is going.
30. Friday movie night with your best friend.
31. No need to explain why chocolate-chip ice cream with hot fudge, chocolate sprinkles and whipped cream, topped by a peanut butter cup, really is a great dinner.
32. It's way cool to be able to change a tire on your own.
33. You can watch and entire chick flick/action flick without your boyfriend/girlfriend yawning.
34. That eight-week summer trek through Italy, France and Spain will be a lot more fun if you're not constantly looking for a post office to mail your miss-you letters.
35. Jealousy, an all too typical by-product of couplehood, is such a waste of energy.
36. You don't have to shave your legs if you don't want to.
37. If you're really honest, an afternoon at the skateboard park/model show just isn't all that fun.
38. Spending time unattached and liking it gives you the power to have high standards when it comes to guys/girls.
39. Because studies have found that gum disease can be contagious!
40. You don't have to worry about them not getting into the same college as you.
41. You're more willing to try new things.
42. Because your same sex friends don't complain that you take too long to get ready/ are too fast at getting ready.
43. Is anything more torturous than spending an evening with them, their bickering parents and their siblings??
44. It's one less thing for Mom and Dad to nag about.
45. You can do you hair however you want to!
46. You don't have to wait for- or worry- that you missed their call.
47. Saturday night, you, and a copy of a great book is a mighty trio.
48. No more fights!
49. You have nothing to lose!
50. When you kiss another person besides a relative, it isn't called cheating!
51. You don't have to share your drinks and food!
52. You don't have to train him for someone else later in life.
53. Sayonara to awkward silences.
54. You get to control the remote.
55. You will feel more independent.
56. Because your friends were sick of hearing about them all the time.
57. That cutie at Starbucks will stop giving you free mochas if they see you with someone else!
58. Smelly feet.
59. You don't have to obsess about whether their friends like you.
60. You don't have to obsess about whether YOUR friends like him/her!
61. No one will torture your poor cat.
62. You will have lots of time for the counselors at camp this summer.
63. When you're attached you always wonder what you're missing.
64. As you listen sympathetically to your best friend's latest coupledom disaster, you can be happy in the knowledge that you don't have to deal with that junk.
65. No more wasting hours picking out what to wear just to impress someone who won't even take notice!
66. The money you dished out for some spendy gift can go toward those shoes you've been eyeing.
67. If you belch in front of your pals it's no big deal.
68. Because you won't have to dump someone-- or get dumped.
69. No one pressuring you to do stuff you just don't want to do.
70. Life is stressful enough without pressure in the relationship.
71. Because unrequited love can be soooo delicious.
72. Instead of going to see their band, you can start your own.
73. You'll have more bonding time with your little sis/bro or friend, who really needs you.
74. One set of problems to deal with (ie. your own) is plenty.
75. There's nothing more mysterious and alluring than a single person who is into being that way.