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Reasons Why Men Suck

Reasons Why Men Suck!

1. They make you want them over and over again, and each time they hurt you like before
2. Just b/c it "feels right" means its ok. They completely forget about your feelings too.
3. They make you want them over and over again, and each time they hurt you like before
4. Male pattern baldness
5. The geniuses tell your best friend secrets and expect them not to tell you
6. When they’re w/ their girlfriend they look at other girls
7. Scratch "their stuff" every 15 minutes
8. Everything they do is a competition
9. Toilet seat....terrible the picture?
10. Um, hi my eyes are up here, stop staring at my chest
11. They just can't be satisfied w/ one female
12. They don't take no for an answer
13. They’re hairy
14. Take advantage when you’re most vulernable
15. Think they could get anyone they wanted
16. Love and leave
17. Tell every friend how far they've gotten w/ you, or lie about how far they've gotten with you
18. If they just break up w/ a girl.... 5 min later their already jumping on another one
19. They say they'll call.... but never do
20. Go after girls that are all hoochified but when you dress like that they make you cover up
21. They let what their friends have to say impact them so much, it influences the decisions they make about everything
22. When they make you cry they think its funny
23. They feel "trapped"
24. MENopause, MENstruation... etc.....
25. Men think its never the right time to talk about the relationship
26. No matter how many clothes are in their wardrobe they always wear the same thing
27. Men dont know when you want them to lie

28. Break up with you the day before your anniversary
29. Promise things that they know they can't keep or intend on not keeping
30. Like making fun of you when you do something wrong, as if they do everything perfectly all the time
31. Think beer, partying, and girls are the best things on earth
32. One word: cheap!(not all are but from our experiences...)
33. Its not QUALITY that matters to them, but QUANTITY
34. Don't like to share they're feelings
35. Believe that women belong in the kitchen
36. After a couple months of dating they don't act sweet or try to impress you anymore
37. Act totally different towards you when they are with their friends
38. Most guys eat whatever they want and don't gain a pound, its so annoying
39. They don't know how to say sorry when they do something wrong and learn to stop doing it
40. They don't take no for an answer
41. They can't settle down. Its like they have to spread their seed to everyone.
42. Their ebonics
43. Pants are 4 sizes too big
44. We must not forget their manly tales about stupid stuff they probably never did
45. They think a smack on the butt and "you'll get 'em next time" is an appropriate way to end a four year relationship
46. They think unhooking a woman's bra with one hand is a talent
47. They will cheat on you if given half a chance, and then blame it on the girl
48. It's okay, even encouraged for a guy to be a slut
49. They never call when you want them to, or when they say they will
50. They are obsessed with their penises
51. After making love, they get up and raid the fridge...and the cynics say romance is dead
52. They will eat mysterious food, originating deep within the bowels of the fridge, as long as it doesn't "smell too bad"
53. They're all looking for a "nice, funny, smart girl" who just happens to look like Pamela Anderson and has the libido of a rabbit
54. Lesbian and catholic schoolgirl fetishes